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It appears that the excellent Made for TV movie "Path To 9/11" is being held up by forces within the Clinton campaign.  Big shocker there:

With no date for the release, questions are being raised about whether political pressure is behind its current status as a stalled or discarded DVD project. The reasons are murky, but the miniseries’ writer, Cyrus Nowrasteh, believes it’s crystal clear: Powerful forces are out to protect Bill Clinton’s presidential legacy and shield Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) from any potential collateral damage in her bid for the White House.

Nowrasteh, also one of the miniseries’ many producers, said he was told by a top executive at ABC Studios that "if Hillary weren’t running for president, this wouldn’t be a problem."

"Whatever anyone may think about me or this movie, this is a bad precedent, a dangerous precedent, to allow a movie to be buried," added Nowrasteh, who received death threats even before the miniseries was broadcast last September. "Because the next time they’ll go after another movie. The Bush administration may go after a movie. The next administration may go after a movie. No matter who it is, they may go after a movie. I think this town needs to stand up."

While I see his point that this could very well be a Republican doing his best to prevent a movie from coming out I don’t think it likely.  Almost every political movie that has come out of hollywood for the last 30-40 years has been extremely liberal and hostile to conservative ideals but have they been prevented from coming out?  I mean come on.  With the amount of die hard liberals in that town there is just no way in hell that they would allow themselves to be pressured from a Republican. 

Now a Democrat is another matter and when you attach the name Clinton to it then the hollywood types swoon and obey.

25 million people have seen this movie already.  It’s been nominated for awards.  But still it must be withheld from the public for the Clintonista’s benefit.

Do your part to ensure this great movie gets released:

ABC Studios
77 W 66TH St Ste 100
New York, NY 10023-6298
Phone: (212) 456-7777

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