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In a classic case of "Of course he did… "

According to Fox, Democratic Senator Chris Dodd has defended the Daily Kos website.

You’ve undoubtedly heard of “The Kos,” the progressive, venom-spewing, vitriolic liberal blog that traffics any unadulterated hate toward all things Bush and the Right.

Actually, this report consists of a transcript from last night’s O’Reilly Factor, where erstwhile host interviewed Dodd regarding a blatantly offensive photo of President Bush and Senator Joe Lieberman which appeared on the Daily Kos website. Moreover, the Daily Kos convention occurs this week and most Democratic presidential candidates are planning to appear.

The transcript of O’Reilly’s interview is pretty telling. Here are some of the highlights:

SEN. CHRIS DODD, (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well what I’m stunned at, Mr. O’Reilly, is the fact that you spend as much time here going after an online community gathering where there are 500,000 people visit who visit that site on a daily basis here, to identify five, six, seven, objectionable offensive cartoons or comments that people are making here. I find that stunning to be quite honest, here.

Dodd immediately changes the direction of the conversation at this juncture of the interview. Rather than defend his friend, Joe Lieberman, he immediately sides with the Daily Kos and the mind-boggling amount of offensive material that appears there. Furthermore, later in the interview, he attempts to paint O’Reilly as an offensive man.

DODD: You suggested that we ought not to participate in the convention.

O’REILLY: Correct. Distance yourself from them.

DODD: Because six or seven or eight or 10 people have said something on the site that’s objectionable.

O’REILLY: What are you crazy? There are thousands of vile postings on that Web site. Thousands.

DODD: Don’t suggest this is a real debate you are having about Daily Kos. You object to the ideology and are using a few instances that everyone would find objectionable as a way of suggesting we ought not participate. That’s terribly wrong in my view.

O’REILLY: OK. I want everybody to go to that site and remember what Senator Dodd said and make up your own mind.

What’s pretty telling is that Senator Dodd is either a complete phony or living in a cave. He repeatedly states that only a “few people” are posting offensive statements, comments, cartoons. He mistakenly cites the “few bad apple” analogy here. The Daily Kos is completely saturated with people so angry with George Bush that they are willing to sell the country down the river, all for the President’s embarrassment.

O’REILLY: Look, you are a propagandist, senator. You’re a propagandist. I used to respect you. I don’t have any respect for you. And if I were Joseph Lieberman I would never talk to you again. Because this is vile and you’re legitimizing it.

DODD: You are not Joseph Lieberman. If you would just be honest about your criticism rather than focusing on a few specific instances that everyone I know would find objectionable. That’s not the issue here.

O’REILLY: The idea is that you are legitimizing a hateful Web site.

The bottom line is this: Dodd and his Democratic presidential ilk continue to pander to groups like the Daily Kos because of their perceived strength. Frankly, this is merely a matter of whomever screams the loudest will be heard.

Fight the Kos…

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