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Let’s talk about a NEW inconvenient truth. We’ve heard the Left, namely Al Gore, blather on about “global warming,” “carbon credits,” “carbon footprints,” etc.

This “inconvenient truth” has been thrown in our faces endlessly by the Left, so much so that we are to accept Gore’s “claims” as canon. Nevertheless, it’s time to turn the tables and use the “Inconvenient Truth” moniker against the Left.

Here’s the REAL “inconvenient truth:” the surge is working.

While Democratic elected officials, such as Brian Baird, apolitical (if not altogether Liberal) think tankers Michael O’Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack of the Brookings Institution, and even Democratic presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, admitting, albeit grudgingly, that the surge has shown tangible signs of progress, the “dead enders” such as Harry Reid and the anti-war crowd, refuse to accept very real evidence.

Unfortunately, a couple obstacles exist in the Iraq War: the anti-war Democrats refusing to take off their blinders, and the Nouri Al-Maliki government’s absolute ineptitude.

The September report from Ambassador Ryan Crocker and General David Petraeus will probably clearly outline the progress made militarily in places like Al-Anbar province and Baghdad. Unfortunately, the report will probably reflect of progress made by the Al-Maliki government regarding power sharing, oil revenue, and security.

More than likely, the Democrats will seize on this news of Al-Maliki’s incompetence. The surrender drumbeat will most likely beat louder with calls of “bring our troops home.” The troops are the true scapegoats here; the anti-war Left proclaims their love for the troops, but at every turn, attempt to finger our fighting forces for nonexistent atrocities and crimes against Iraqi and Afghanistan civilians. Furthermore, the anti-war Left has hedged their bets on the side of the terrorists. Basically, they’re banking on al Qaeda driving us out of the country.

Despite a recent call from the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) imploring our government to continue its presence in Iraq, it should be noted that the drumbeat to surrender increases in the Democratic ranks. Simply put, the Democrats would rather pander for votes, ensuring their security of their jobs, rather than secure the country.

With that said, we’re witnessing this same sort of sedition from the ranks of the Republicans as well. Recently, Virginia Senator John Warner implored President Bush to start bringing 5,000 soldiers home by Christmas as a symbolic gesture.

Let me say that the Iraqi government very well could be our undoing; if Nouri Al-Maliki continues to defy our wishes and state that he and his Iraqi brethren can find other friends, while our men and women die for HIS freedom, then perhaps the government needs to rethink its position as liberators.

All calls for surrender from the Left should be summarily dismissed by average, ordinary Americans. This is nothing more than pandering to the far-Left, anti-war crowd without critically considering the ramifications of our withdrawal.

We’ve heard the insane alarmism from the Al Gore camp regarding global warming through proclamations of an “inconvenient truth” to our everyday lives. But here’s the bottom line: the Democrats are facing an “inconvenient truth” of their own; do they continue to pander to the “we’ll scream loudest” far-Left, jeoparding the country, or do they do the right thing and continue the surge?

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