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Dumbest lawsuit ever, well maybe not ever but certainly in the top 10:

Oprah Winfrey, Condi Rice, and Colin Powell are among a host of A-list celebs who were just subpoenaed in a racial profiling case in a Michigan Federal Court.

TMZ obtained court documents filed yesterday, which "commands" that a spectacular list of celebrities appear for depositions in a lawsuit filed by one Jerome Almon, who alleges that Canada has launched an attack on U.S. black rappers. The lawsuit claims Canadaian officals blame rappers for both increased gangs and gun violence in Toronto and Vancouver, and holds up black rappers at the border.

The list goes on to include Paris Hilton, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Snoop Dogg, DMX, Diddy, Jenna Jameson, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Eminem, Kobe Bryant, Spike Lee, Tom Sizemore, Martha Stewart and Heidi Fleiss. Mr. Almon, CEO of MurderCap Records, tells TMZ, "The white celebrities have been directed to appear, in order to show the hypocritical nature of Canadian policy toward rappers. Some of the white celebrities have far worse records than these rappers, but are still allowed to enter Canada with the red carpet rolled out."

Well, let me see.  Many rap artists are current or former gangmembers.  Rap artists put gangsters up on pedestals and worship them.  Rap artists glorify violence against women, and violence against…well, everything.  So the real question is why would Canada want these types in their country?

One minor point.  If the majority of Rap artists are black, and a country does not want rap artists to enter their country would you not think that those not allowed to come in were in fact mostly blacks?

So while this is most definitely a case of music profiling, racial profiling it is not.

Check out the lawsuit paperwork here.

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