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So Jose Padilla was convicted a few days ago and the left cried.  Jenny Martinez in the WaPo says that the case proves our legal system is capable of handling the war on terror.  Of course she doesn’t believe there is a war and she doesn’t believe his case was handled very well so her conclusion is, well, wrong. 

This leftist doesn’t care what Padilla’s ideology is, only that his rights are maintained.  Whether he wanted to set off a dirty bomb and kill thousands matters not:

I have no interest in Padilla’s ideology, but an abiding interest in his rights.

This anarchist is pissed off that he was convicted of anything:

If upheld, we now live in a Minority Report country. You can go to prison because someone thinks you might commit a crime in the future. No proof of wrong doing needed. Just the possibility of future crime.

Of course there was plenty of evidence of wrongdoing, that is the reason 12 of his peers convicted him.  But it wasn’t the ruling he wanted so it must be unjust.  They complain because he wasn’t getting a trial then complain when he gets a trial but is convicted. 

Par for the course from our left.

This guy is "horrified" that he was convicted of anything at all:

I was absolutely horrified when I read that Jose Padilla was found guilty on extremely vague conspiracy charges by a jury of his peers, fellow Americans.

Because to try anyone on something he was planning to do is just wrong you see.  We must allow them to commit the crime first, kill as many people as he can, and THEN take him in.  Don’t you understand the Constitution man? 


But the real problem here is not the conviction, but the fact that this case proves terrorist cases should NOT be handled by our legal system.  Lawyers and leftists are saying this proves the opposite:

the verdict proves that the U.S. detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is unnecessary to deal with terrorism suspects.

But the charges that were leveled were not the ones he should of been convicted of.  Namely the dirty bomb accusations.  Why?  Because that would entail using classified intelligence which cannot, nor should it ever, be used in our legal justice system.  The reasons for his detention and that of every single terrorist in Gitmo is because we are at war.  They are a threat to our security.  They are not there to be punished or rehabilitated, they are there to ensure they cannot harm our nation and our troops again.

That is the reason Padilla’s day in court was a travesty.  He is a terrorist, he is the enemy, but we treated him like Clinton did, as a law enforcement issue, and look where that got us.

But these lefties wish to try ALL of our enemies under our court system, to allow them access to lawyers and classified intelligence.  All because they care so much for the rights of our enemies rather then the lives of their countrymen and women. 

The day a Democrat ever gets into the White House again, and the closure of Gitmo occurs, will be a dark day indeed…..but a great day for our enemy.

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