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Some news on those two Middle Eastern fireworks enthusiasts arrested in South Carolina as they drove by a Naval Base.  First, check out my first post to see the timeline of the event and then check out the earlier updates here.

Now onto the latest.  It appears these two men have some tenuous ties to Islamic Jihad.  Here is Debbie Schlussel:

In investigating Pipe Bomb possessors, Mohamed and Megahed, the FBI searched a house owned by a man who now occupies a house owned by Sami Al-Arian co-conspirator and co-defendant, Palestinian Islamic Jihad official Sameeh Hammoudeh. Sounds confusing, but that’s how they work. Like the Mob, terrorist groups have a million interlocking companies, directorates, and property (including houses).

Here’s the report, courtesy of reader Duane, from the St. Petersburg Times:

TAMPA – The FBI on Saturday raided a home in Temple Terrace in connection with two University of South Florida students who stand accused of carrying explosives in a Toyota Camry.

Agents executed a search warrant about 8 a.m. at 12402 Pampas Place and stayed several hours, said FBI spokesman Dave Couvertier. The home is owned by Noor Salhab, property records show.

A neighbor said Thursday night that Salhab and his wife are living in a rented home nearby on Soaring Avenue. Records show the owner of the house on Soaring Avenue is Sameeh Hammoudeh, a co-defendant in the trial of Sami Al-Arian.

So in a nutshell we have Sami Al-Arian, the University of South Florida Professor who founded Islamic Jihad and headed it up from his university office.  His co-defendant in the terrorism trial that alleged his terrorist ties owns a house that is rented to a couple who also owns a home nearby that they in turn rent out to one of the fireworks enthusiast.

Might coincidental huh?

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