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Now this video of Hillary Clinton is classic.  She basically called a reporter who dares to question her fealty to socialism stupid.  Just one more example of what a liar and a hypocrite this woman is:

First lets look at her response in depth:

“Why are you still insisting upon moving that system in here when particularly it will hurt African American communities more than anyone else?” Ashanti asked.

“Oh, man – that was a string of misrepresentations about me and the systems in other countries,” Clinton began her response. “Number one, I have never advocated socialized medicine, and I hope all the journalists hear that loudly and clearly because that has been a right-wing attack on me for 15 years, and it is wrong.”

Never advocated socialized medicine?

"We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good."

"It’s time to replace an ‘on your own’ society with one based on ‘shared responsibility and prosperity.’"

That is Socialism!  She plans on taking away money from those who have it to pay for insurance for those who cannot afford it. 

Socialism refers to a broad array of doctrines or political movements that envisage a socio-economic system in which property and the distribution of wealth are subject to control by the community[1] for the purposes of increasing social and economic equality and cooperation.

Remember when she was the driving force for the "health security act" in 1993:

President Bill Clinton has sent health care legislation to Capitol Hill that is breathtaking in its scope. He strikes a responsive chord with most Americans when he condemns the current system as bureaucratic and wasteful, and when he urges a comprehensive reform of the $1 trillion health system-accounting for about one-seventh of the entire U.S. economy-based on the principles of security, simplicity, savings, choice, quality, and personal responsibility.

But although Clinton has stressed the need for simplicity and freedom from bureaucracy, his legislation offers anything but that. The Administration followed a 239-page draft, leaked by Members of Congress in September 1993, with a 1,342-page bill, the "Health Security Act." Emerging from the complex language of this huge bill is a massive top-down, bureaucratic command-and-control system that would meticulously govern virtually every aspect of the delivery and the financing of health care services for the American people. As The Economist of London observes, "Not since Franklin Roosevelt’s War Production Board has it been suggested that so large a part of the American economy should suddenly be brought under government control."

Every aspect of the health care system would be affected by the legislation. Hundreds of pages of tightly written paragraphs detail sweeping government control of the health insurance industry: precise benefits that must be assured; insurance requirements for firms; a "national quality management program" to oversee the quality of health care services; medical education, and the training of physicians; the creation of model information systems; new public health initiatives; the establishment of new federal loans and guaranty and solvency funds; new assessments and taxes; rural health programs; a new long-term care program; malpractice reform; antitrust reform; new penalties to combat fraud and abuse; major changes in the Medicare program, including a prescription drug benefit and coverage of state and local government workers; billions of dollars in tax subsidies; new panels, advisory boards, and commissions; coordination of worker’s compensation and auto insurance with the new standard benefits package; and dozens of other fundamental changes.


The Plan creates a new state-based system of health insurance cooperatives that will control the availability of health plans, enforce health budgets, enroll employers and employees in the new system, collect premiums, and generally enforce the national insurance rules and regulations. Every American will be required to obtain health insurance through these health alliances, or through similar corporate-sponsored plans if they work for a large firm.

The Plan outlines in meticulous detail what medical services are to be included in a standardized government health benefits package. These benefits must be offered by all approved health insurance plans.


The Clinton Plan requires all employers to provide at least the standard package and to pay at least 80 percent of the cost of the government’s standard health benefits package.


While the President says he does not favor price controls, his plan bristles with them. In fact, the central cost control in the Clinton Plan is not competition, nor even "managed competition," but a rigid system of spending caps on public and private health insurance spending, plus fee controls for doctors in fee for-service plans. Powerful standby price controls also are contained in the Plan.

It was socialized medicine then, it is now.  But the sheep cheer for her non-answer.

“Do you think Medicare is socialized medicine?” she challenged him. “To a degree it is,” Ashanti said. “Well, then you are in a small minority in America because Medicare has literally saved the lives and saved the resources of countless generations of seniors in our country.”

What the hell does Medicare saving lives have to do with the fact that it is Socialized medicine.  I mean she basically said "Medicare isn’t socialized medicine because it helps people and people like it."   Um, hello?

I don’t even agree with the questioner here, it’s not socialized "to a degree", it is a completely Socialized system of providing health care which is bankrupting our economy: (h/t Say Anything for the graph)

But hey, Iraq is costing too much right?

Clinton went on to champion Medicare, but criticize the U.S. as the only “advanced country” to have “so many of its citizens without health care.”

Without health care?  Every single person in this country has health care.  Legal citizen or not.  If you go into a ER you WILL get treated.  If you can’t afford to pay us taxpayers have to pay for you. 

Which, again, is Socialism.

And something this country needs to fight against.  First step, ensure she never gets into the White House.

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