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Can’t say I’m surprised that Matt Damon’s new movie, The Bourne Ultimatum, is chock full of leftist fantasies of eeeevil Conservatives water-boarding the enemy and destroying all of mankind.  Here is the liberal movie reviewer Anthony Kaufmann writing in glee at the liberal lovefest: (h/t Newsbusters)

A stinging rebuke against Cheney-esque black ops and torture tactics, Universal Pictures’ The Bourne Ultimatum is more than just a heart-stopping international espionage thriller: It is Hollywood’s most direct attack against the Bush Regime since George Clooney’s one-two punch of Good Night and Good Luck and Syriana. If those more "sophisticated" dramas preached to the choir about our deteriorating civil liberties and oil-fueled overseas obsessions, the third film in the mega-successful Bourne action franchise offers up a picture of corrupt clandestine leadership for all to see — where every Matt Damon fan can also enjoy high-powered American government officials as arch-villains committing treasonous and reckless activities without oversight.

Ok, first.  This is a Hollywood movie.  Everyone and their mother understands the place is crawling with leftists so to call this a "stinging rebuke" against tactics that every nation on this earth has used for centuries, with good reason and with positive results, is just plain ignorant.

But is the film really a liberal fantasy, where the bad CIA leaders get punished for their penchant for waterboarding, "experimental interrogations," "rendition" and the manipulation of American soldiers’ minds with intimidation and humiliation? It sure seems so, as bullish Rumsfeld-like strategies are depicted as inept, while the sensitive, sympathetic touch of Joan Allen’s CIA head Pamela Landy is shown as the most effective way to combat renegade forces. If conservatives like to label Tinseltown as leftwing, The Bourne Ultimatum should do little to assuage their concerns.

We all know how well that "sensitive, sympathetic touch" worked during the Clinton years.  Either way, no one should be surprised that Hollywood is making another leftist fantasy…I mean that IS their bread and butter.  They live such insulated ignorant lives what else would they make?

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