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According to Matt Sanchez, who is at the Camp in question, the Army has concluded their investigation and….TA DA!

After a thorough investigation that lasted nearly a week the  4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division has concluded that the allegation made by Private Thomas Scott Beauchamp, the "Baghdad Diarist", have been

"refuted by members of his platoon and proven to be false"

The official investigation the 4th IBCT Public Affairs Office qualified as "thorough and professional" concluded late August 1st.  Officials would not speculate on the possibility of further action against Private Beauchamp, nor would they confirm his current whereabouts or status.

Bob Owens also received word from Kuwait where this loser NOW claims the burned woman story occurred. 

This morning, I contact Major Renee D. Russo, Third Army USARCENT PAO in Kuwait, to ask her if she knew of "a female civilian contractor at Camp Buehring with severe facial burns, and if so, when" she was there.

Here is her emailed response, in full.

Mr. Owens,

We have received other media queries on the alleged incident, but have
not been able to find anyone to back it up. There is not a police
report or complaint filed on this incident during that timeframe. Right now it is considered to be a Urban Legend or Myth.

I am still researching the incident and will have to get back with you
later with any new developments.

As it stands now, the U.S. Army in Kuwait, like the U.S. Army in Iraq, is casting strong doubts on the veracity of Beauchamp’s claims, stating that to the best they can determine at this time, the female contractor Beauchamp claims to have abused is either part of an "urban legend or myth."

All the editor of TNR can fall back on is that a manufacturer of the Bradleys says its possible to maneuver the bradley in such a way to hit a dog.  Of course the complaint was about the visibility on the drivers side which made it impossible for the driver to maneuver like that.  Funny how they don’t print an answer to that one. 

Just one more pathetic example of the tactics used by the liberal left to get what they want.  Total defeat of the United States in Iraq.  They will stop at nothing to ensure that what happened in Vietnam happens once again.  They want our soldiers to spit upon when they arrive home.  They want them hated. 

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