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You really have to see this video to believe.  It’s an interview of CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper in which he attempts to defend suing normal "John Does" who call in a suspicious person alert to authorities.  At one point he likens these "John Does" to Grand Wizards of the KKK and on another says to the host that maybe someday we will get a muslim-free flight but not today.  Race-baiting at its finest. 

He goes on to say that all they want to do is ask a question to the "John Does".  Of course that question costs these innocent good samaritans money and time to defend themselves against an frivolous lawsuit.

This is plainly an attempt by the terrorist loving CAIR to intimidate and bully people into not reporting their comrades in arms, the terrorists.  How else do you explain it when a person says that the ONLY way to determine if someone is acting in good faith is to sue them.

Remember….I DON’T CAIR!


JMB in the comments section points to this comment left at LGF which is quite interesting.  I’m no lawyer but it makes sense:

I haven’t read the thread so I don’t know if other lawyers have entered the fray – but I’m a trial lawyer and if Mr. Hooper can be shown to be a person of sufficient authority in CAIR as to be able to speak for the organization this clip will be attached to an upcoming motion to dismiss and for sanctions filed on behalf of the John Does. In every jurisdiction in this country, state and federal, a lawyer’s signature on a complaint is a sworn verification by that lawyer and the party he represents that there is a good-faith basis for suing each and every named defendant. Mr. Hooper is totally incorrect in his assertion that you can sue people based only on your desire to find out in the course of the suit whether you have a claim against them.

Complete sense.  To think that they could sue an individual for the simple reason that they are on a fact finding mission is ludicrous. 

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