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As we hear the Democrats in Congress and Senate clamoring to withdraw American military personnel from Iraq, the question everyone should be asking is this:

Are the Democrats aiding and abetting the enemy?

Ralph Peters, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, raises points akin to the aforementioned “aiding” question in his today’s New York Daily Post article.

Despite what the Leftist media mouthpieces would have you believe, the worst possible news to the Democrats is occurring in Iraq…the surge is working. As Peter notes, here are the major developments:

* Al Qaeda lost the support of Iraq’s Sunni Arabs. The fanatics over-reached: They murdered popular sheiks, kidnapped tribal women for forced marriages, tried to outlaw any form of joy and (perhaps most fatally, given Iraqi habits) banned smoking. In response, the Arab version of the Marlboro Man rose up and started cutting terrorist throats.

* Since the tribes who once were fighting against us turned on al Qaeda, our troops not only captured the senior Iraqi in the organization – which made brief headlines – but also killed the three al Turki brothers, major-league pinch-hitters al Qaeda sent into Iraq to save the game.

* It emerged that the Iraqi "head" of the terrorists was just a front – in the words of one Army officer, Omar al Baghdadi was "a Wizard of Oz-like creation designed to give an impression that al Qaeda has Iraqis in its senior ranks."

* Al Qaeda has been pushed right across Anbar, from the once Wild West to the province’s eastern fringes. The terrorists are still dug in elsewhere, from the Diyala River Valley to a few Baghdad neighborhoods – but, to quote that senior officer again, "our forces have been taking out their leaders faster than they can find qualified replacements."

* After briefly showing the flag, Muqtada al-Sadr fled back to Iran again, trailed by his senior deputies. Mookie’s No. 2 even moved his family to Iran. Why? Though he’s been weak in the past, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is now green-lighting Iraqi operations against the Jaish al Mahdi, the Mookster’s "Mahdi Army."

Furthermore, another troubling, yet positive development for the Democrats lies in the fact that the Iraq security forces are beginning to show signs of competency:

* The Iraqi Police Tactical Support Unit in Nasiriyah came under attack by Mahdi Army elements accustomed to intimidating their enemies. Supported by a brave (and tiny) U.S. advisory team, the police commandos fought them off. Instead of a walkover, the militia thugs hit a wall – and got hammered by airstrikes, for good measure. Then the Iraqi police counter-attacked. The Mahdi Army force begged for negotiations.

* In Mosul, Iraqi army and police units stuck to their guns through a series of tough combat engagements, with the result that massive arms caches were seized from the terrorists and insurgents. In Kirkuk, Iraqi police reacted promptly to last week’s gruesome car-bombing – in time to stop two other car bombs from reaching their intended targets.

* In Baghdad, the surge isn’t only about American successes – Iraqi security and intelligence forces conducted a series of hard-hitting operations against both al Qaeda and Iran-backed Special Group terrorists.

So the question remains: why are the Democrats aiding the enemy? Whether they realize it or not (which remains dubious), their anti-Bush rants, calls for withdrawal, and declarations of a lost conflict in Iraq, are posted on every al-Qaeda bulletin board in town (electronic or otherwise).

Herein lies the dilemma: either the Democrats are fully aware of their sedition and continue to do so, are jeopardizing national security and merely pandering to the pseudo-powers on the far-left, or are so completely naïve that they refuse to believe a threat exists.

We are further witnessing Democratic sedition unfold in seeing the guest list for next week’s Daily Kos convention. By embracing a site that traffics in hate, the Democrats are only enforcing the notion that their true purpose, rather than serving the greater needs of this country, is to weaken it for their own political gain.

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