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Bob Owens found a blog post on Scotts old blog that may sink this guy for sure:

Another long day…cleaning an M16, landscaping, dipping Pro Masks (gas masks to civilians) into strange concotions, a little bit of office work…basically a hodpodge of menially tasks to keep me busy. We finally got official dates on Iraq deployment: May 15 – Our Bradleys get shipped to Kuwaite June 11- Advanced Units move in June 28 – Bravo Team, second squad, first platoon, Alpha Company, first battalion, 18th brigade, first infantry division (the breakdown of who I belong to) deploys. Were probably going to sit in Kuwaite for some unknown amount of time, and then move into Baghdad…

This guy is an idiot.  Posting the what, when, and how his unit is getting deployed during a war is a HUGE no-no.  Bob talked to the PAO at Camp Falcon and got this response:

It most certainly is an OPSEC violation.

As I said earlier in this post, this guy is heading to the stockade, or jail for those not too familiar with the military.  I don’t know about you but I won’t shed a tear.  He has disgraced our military and our country by making up stories about our troops to further his grandiose visions of knighthood.

In other words he is a selfish son of a bitch who sold out his country for his own benefit.

He can rot in hell for all I care.

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