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"Scott Thomas" revealed?  Maybe….Ace from Ace of Spades HQ thinks he has a good source and Sean Gleeson at Discarded Lies believes this guy will be outed by the end of the day tomorrow.  Ace doesn’t know if it’s important to the story but I disagree.  Knowing who he is can then help us discover where he has been and with who he has been in contact with.  Then you interview his platoon mates and see what they have to say.  Have they ever seen this burned lady?  Run over a dog?  Wore a skullcap?

Good ole’ detective work.

Once that is done we can then call this story for what it is, either truthful or what I believe will turn out to be straight garbage.


The name has been discovered.  Ace says the blogger who found his name may post on it tomorrow:

I’ve now been informed by a blogger he "knows" the name, and is thinking about writing up a post for tomorrow, after getting comment from TNR.

Not a sure thing he’ll run with it. But he says he knows, he’s been told. The source was more open with him than with me. I got the basics of "Scott Thomas’" identity, but he got the actual name.

Going to be interesting tomorrow.


As you know by now we’ve found out who this loser is, see this post for more.

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