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Being somewhat of a space junkie I could not let this day go by without referencing the fact that 38 years ago today man walked on the moon for the first time.  And it’s been 35 years since we last walked on the moon, which is just soooo sad, such a pathetic accomplishment.  From walking on the moon to flying a ship around the earth.  Progress should have been made.  Hell, we should already be on mars but instead the Democrats got their claws into the space program and killed it.  Because it cost to much, and too many people were hungry, and blah blah blah.   You sure solved that hunger problem didn’t ya?

Yuval Levin says it best:

It is a good day to reflect on the appalling failure of the American space program to build on its successes—or even just to hang on to them. We couldn’t go to the moon today even if we wanted to. To make it possible for us to go to the moon again would require an immense and expensive undertaking, because we have completely lost the chance to build on the immense and expensive undertaking that got us there last time.

Ok, rant off.

Hope you had a happy moon day.  My sincere thanks and gratitude to the thousands that made walking on the moon possible:

And what would any moon day without watching Buzz Aldrin punch out a freak, one of those KOSkiddie conspiracy nuts that we see everyday now.  Watch it and enjoy:
Go Buzz!


Another great video of the mission:

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