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Soon after the Jamil Hussein story broke a few bloggers decided to get together and create a wiki dedicated to shining the spotlight on the myths and lies perpetrated by our MSM.  After many months and much work done by some great bloggers it is being released to the public today, check out Media Mythbusters here.  As with all wiki’s, its a work in progress, but I feel it’s going to be an important site to warehouse the many spins, half-truths and straight out lies our MSM prints. 
Here is how the wiki’s describes it’s purpose:

In order to make even the most mundane of everyday decisions it is necessary to have good information. The public depends on television, radio and print media to deliver reliable and accurate information. For the most part, reporters and editors do their jobs and the result is an informed public. In some instances, however, the information relayed to the public is neither reliable nor accurate. Far too often, inaccurate information is reported and repeated until it achieves a certain myth status. The goal of this site is to debunk myths that take hold as a result of inaccurate or irresponsible media reports.

Truth Through Scrutiny — When inaccurate information is reported in the news media, especially when it is reported on the wire services and gets repeated worldwide, it is difficult to "take back" the initial report and correct the record. With the rise of new media such as talk radio and blogs, traditional media has come under increased scrutiny and some stories that in past generations might have been left to stand, have been exposed as false. Those instances, which are often relegated to small print at the back of the newspaper, will be collected here.

Please visit there often and get involved in keeping our MSM on the up and up.

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