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A LGF Reader tipped them off that a member of the new French cabinet is a Twoofer:

Italy’s leading newspaper Corriere della Sera discloses today on its website that Christine Boutin, a French politician who is a member of Sarkozy’s cabinet, said during the electoral campaign that Bush might have been responsible for the September 11 terrorist attacks. Her exact words on the journalist’s question is: “Je pense que c’est possible” (i.e. “I think it is possible.”).

She then goes on to point out that the websites claiming this are among the most clicked ones on the Internet, which means there has to be some truth to it.

The Italian newspaper article translated through Google, a terrible translation but what can you do:

PARIS – Bush behind the the 11 attacks of september? Possible. At least according to Christine Boutin, exponent of the majority of the French president Nicolas Sarkozy, today minister of the city Political and the lodgings. It would be the first case of a politician of a western government to replace in doubt the theory that wants Bin Laden like person who commits barratry of the attack to the Twin Towers.

VIDEO – to nail the Boutin, a video that circulates in Internet. Some month it makes, in full pre-electoral campaign, puts into effect it them ministra was host of one transmission of a famous French journalist. During the ritual interview here the fatidical question: according to she, Bush can be to the origin of the the 11 attacks of september? The answer is immediate: “Task is possible”.

TESTS – the Boutin but does not argue with tests to the hand, but pure ascertainment is based on one: “The fact that the situated ones that replaces in cause l’11 september are visits every day to you from million navigators, they push to me to think that the expression of the mass and the people cannot not be based on a truth bottom”.

EMBARRASSMENTS – the video is not escaped to, one of the main portali that resolve to do to make clarity on the first big wave of attacks from always attributed to the Qaeda, and that it has decided to use it like spot. A spot, than if it had to be transformed in “tormentone” on the net, it could put in embarrassment the government of François Fillon, planned from Sarkozy that has not never hidden its affinities with the president George W. Bush American.

So Truth = Hits to this lady.    Did she go through the Los Angeles Public School System?

It’s not terribly surprising to hear this from a Frenchy, I mean we ARE talking about the French here.  While it was great thing watching Sarkozy get elected I doubt very much that the majority in France would turn from being children in a sandbox to adults in the real world overnight. Not when they have so many Muslims to appease.

And to tell you the truth I wouldn’t be surprised to see some members of the State Department and the CIA agreeing with the lady.  We’ve seen the quality of people that have come from those two organization.  I could see it now, Valerie and Joe could lead The March of the Twoofers.

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