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It’s The WORMS

Worm composting could be doing more harm than good to the environment, a leading researcher claimed today.

Composting Association research director Jim Frederickson said: “Worms produce a significant amount of greenhouse gases. Recent research done by German scientists has found that worms produced a third of nitrous oxide gases when used for composting.”

[…]Although Frederickson says that worm composting is a positive thing, he claims that not enough research has been done on worms releasing polluting gases.

[…]“The emissions that come from these worms can actually be 290 times more potent than carbon dioxide and 20 times more potent than methane. In all environmental systems you get good points and bad points.”

This is what it’s come to.  We are now talking about worms and composting….all so the flat earth environazi’s can get some more funding to pay for more studies that will get them more funding to prove that we are all gonna die!

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