Posted by Curt on 21 June, 2007 at 10:40 am. 4 comments already!


The man with the 400 dollar haircut hasn’t been doing too well on the donation front, raising only 6 million dollars so far: (via Patrick Ruffini)

This isn’t wildly off the mark form Marc Ambinder’s Q2 fundraising predictions, which probably have been heavily massaged by the campaigns themselves. But still, this is well, ehh…

Dead on arrival.  There are only two frontrunners on the Democrat side and we all know who they are. 

Meanwhile Wordsmith at Sparks From The Anvil has some more great pictures that capture the TRUE John Edwards.


Thanks to Mike from Mike’s America for pointing me to this disgusting video of John Edwards, wiping his nose, wiping his eyes, sneezing into his hand and then shaking a supporters hand.

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