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You may remember Michelle Malkin’s vent last month about rap artist Akon assaulting a child on stage, sexually assaulting the child actually. 

Later on, Akon would have his way with the petite young lady: turning, twisting and even flipping her body, while mimicking sexual positions and acts all over the stage for three consecutive rounds.

Now there is video of Akon getting a water bottle thrown at him, at which point he has the kid brought to him by his bodyguards and then throws the 90lb kid off the stage.  There are a few versions on You Tube right now:

And people wonder why the rap culture gets a bad rap…I know, bad pun.  I’m sure anyone would get pissed about a bottle being thrown but to pick the tiny kid up and physically throw him from your shoulders off the stage is just plain thuggish…..but look at who I’m talking about, and look at the culture I’m talking about.


Michelle Malkin found this article:

Clintondale resident Heather Idema attended KFEST Sunday with her husband and 10-year-old daughter, and supplied the video to the Journal. She said someone in the crowd threw something at Akon in between two songs, when the performer was about to start speaking about Africa. The object, Idema said, flew past Akon’s shoulder.

Idema said the object appeared to be about the size of a small chunk of wood. Idema said her daughter identified the object as a piece of a pretzel.

“It didn’t hit him, it went past him,” said Idema, who arrived at Dutchess Stadium at 8:30 a.m. Sunday for her daughter’s first concert.

Akon, according to Idema, said, “Oh wait a minute. What was that?”

According to Idema, Akon then said, “Come on everybody. point him out, point him out. Who is he?”

Idema said people pointed and a security guard wearing a yellow shirt asked Akon if he wanted the concertgoer brought to him on stage.

Idema said Akon, continuing to speak into his microphone, said, “So go get him. Bring him out to me.”

“When they brought him over, (Akon) took off his chain and his t-shirt,” Idema said, “and handed away the microphone.”

That’s when Akon picked up the concertgoer and hurled him back into a different section of the crowd, next to Idema.

“I never assumed someone was going to be thrown at us,” she said. “I was scared. I didn’t want my daughter to get hurt.”

Idema said Akon, “pretty much body-slammed him into the crowd. He just threw him down.”

Finkelberg said, “I don’t think he intended malice on this guy. I think it was in the spirit of the show.”

Spirit of the show you see.  A human body being thrown from the stage into other people, just all in the spirit of the show.  Finkelberg is the GM of the radio station who put on the concert by the way, so you can see what he is moonwalking away from this.

Apparently there were two moonlighting cops at the show who didn’t do anything.  Not good. 

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