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The very same MSM outfits that showed this picture:

Over and over and over again (MRC has the MSM writing 6000 stories on Abu Ghraib) is still refusing to pay any attention to these pictures from an al-Qaeda torture manual found in Iraq recently:

I wrote about the silence 8 days ago, Mike 4 days ago, and still not a peep.

MRC notes that a few organizations gave a few quick blurbs about it, and then forgot it:

To their credit, CNN and Fox News Channel ran stories on the declassified material. Yet nine days since the material was released, neither ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times nor The Washington Post has run a story with the photos of this shocking evidence of al-Qaeda’s barbarism.

All of which seems to illustrate that while the MSM (and the left) cares a great deal about what our troops do to others, they care little, indeed can’t even be bothered by, the kind of tactics and torture our enemy does to us. 

While it is important to point out when we screw up, as is the case with Abu Ghraib, is it too much to ask for a bit of perspective? 

Nothing like this was used at Abu Ghraib:

So why the silence?

And think about this.  If it had not been for sites such as The Smoking Gun, and the conservative blogs, these pictures and stories would never had been known by the wider populace.  Which begs the question what else do we not know about events in our history?  Just imagine what was left out of newspapers by the leftists inside the MSM 30 years ago.

Patrick Poole points this out along with the fact that while there is complete silence from the MSM on this story, it hasn’t stopped many organizations from condemning the US:

As details slowly leaked out last week, the Center for Public Integrity, which promotes itself as “Investigative Journalism in the Public Interest”, published an article last week by Michael Bilton of the “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists” entitled, “US Treatment of Detainees Deplored”, where he expresses such outrages as the waterboarding of al-Qaeda operations chief, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, and revisiting the Abu Ghraib scandal. 

A check of the Amnesty International website directory for Iraq also finds no mention whatsoever of al-Qaeda’s torture networks and methods. But a report from last year, “Beyond Abu Ghraib,” identifies the primary culprit of torture and abuse in Iraq – the US armed forces: “As Amnesty International has reported elsewhere, many of the abuses occurring today are committed by armed groups opposed to the US-led Multinational Force (MNF) and the Iraqi government that it underpins.” 

The foreign press has also joined the conspiracy of silence on the al-Qaeda torture story. Two weeks ago, the BBC published a hand-wringing article, “US detainee mentally tortured”, about the horrors described by Majid Khan, an al-Qaeda operative imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay who was planning to conduct terrorist operations inside the US.

Those horrors being:

  • Pictures confiscated
  • Wrong prescription glasses
  • Shaved his beard
  • Forcibly fed him during his hunger strike
  • Denied him access to the recreation yard
  • Given cheap, unscented soap
  • Noisy fans
  • Half inflated balls for recreation

Now THAT is news!

But you see, the bias in the MSM is all made up by us wingnuts….