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Man o’ man, these people at DummiesU take the cake:

blm (1000+ posts) Wed May-23-07 09:51 AM
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Anyone remember Giuliani happened to be in Russia when that school was attacked
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by terrorists AND remember that he just happened to be in London when the subway was bombed?

More coincidence from another man who plans to "own" the terrorism issue?

I’m not saying he’s involved with the attacks but do believe it’s likely certain people are made aware that there is activity afoot and targeted areas known through intel sources. Like all the warnings Bush got before 9-11.

And if Rudy’s seen being called upon by other countries for his anointed ‘expertise’ he can take advantage of his profile and be seen as an international leader

And remember when Rudy just HAPPENED to be Mayor when the planes hit?

Rosie has another talking point it appears.

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