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MEMRI is reporting that rumors are being passed around the jihadi blogs that two of our missing soldiers have been found decapitated.

According to a rumor posted on Islamist websites, the American forces have discovered the headless bodies of two of the kidnapped American soldiers. The reports stated that the bodies were found on May 18, after six days of searching, and that the search for the third soldier, whose fate remains unknown, is still continuing. Sources in the Mahmudiyya police force stated that the bodies were found near one of the parks in the city and bear signs of severe torture.

Lets hope this time it’s not true.


CNN is reporting that the US military is draining canals in Baghdad due to reports of decapitated heads floating in the water: (h/t Hot Air)

BAGHDAD (CNN) — As part of its search for three missing American soldiers, the U.S. military was draining a canal Sunday after receiving a tip from local Shiite Iraqis that they saw two heads floating in the water, U.S. military officials told CNN.

So far, the search of the canal, which leads from the Euphrates River to the village of Janabi, has turned up nothing of interest to the military.

Janabi — once a Sunni insurgent stronghold — is about 7 miles from the site where the soldiers were last seen after a deadly ambush on May 12.

Four American soldiers and an Iraqi soldier were killed in the attack on a U.S. military observation post just outside Mahmoudiya, south of Baghdad, in an area known as the Triangle of Death.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Janabi and a police official in Mahmoudiya dismissed the local farmers’ claim that two heads were seen floating in the canal, telling CNN that some of the reports given to the military are not credible. (Posted 1:14 p.m.)

Not good news.

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