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Good news, Jesse Macbeth aka "The Green Beret", has been taken into federal custody.

First, a primer.  It’s been almost a year so I’m sure many of you have forgotten this guy, since he is sooooo forgettable.

Jesse Macbeth was a member of the Iraq Veterans Against The War movement and attended rallys nationwide denouncing the war and telling tall tales about atrocities committed by our troops ala John Kerry.  Check out these two 10 minute video’s that started this whole thing rolling:

Immediately people started to pick up on the photo behind this douchbag.  It was all wrong.  From MilBlogs:

1. Special Forces Combat Patch (Wrong)
2. Two "Tabs" sewn above SF patch (Wrong- Only One)
3. No Ranger Tab
4. No Airborne Wings
5. No Unit Crest
6. No Sewn on Rank
7. No One in the Army rolls their sleeves like that.

And what does he say during these interviews?  The minute mark of the complete 20 minute video is beside the quote.

  • He and other U.S. Army Rangers were ordered “…do whatever it takes…to strike fear in the hearts of the Iraqis…” (1:07)
  • He and other Rangers routinely executed children as part of the interrogations of their parents (6:15)
  • He personally killed almost 200 men, women, and children, many at close range, and most or all noncombatants (7:30)
  • He and other Rangers infiltrated a mosque, waited for about 200 worshipers to arrive and pray, slaughtered them with guns, ignited the bodies, hung them from the rafters, wrote anti-muslim graffiti on the walls, and left bodies in the streets in retribution for the March 31, 2004 mutilation, burning, and public display of American contractors’ bodies in Fallujah (9:30)
  • He and other Rangers shot and killed unarmed protesters and children who threw rocks (12:20)
  • He personally killed a mother pleading for mercy, and her three children, including an infant, because he “had to.”(16:05)

And it just rolled down from there.  He produced a DD-214 that was proven by the blogs to be a fake and next thing you know the guy is in jail for hitting a female.  After release the other day the Fed’s came knocking:

A man who tried to position himself as a leader of the anti-war movement by claiming to have participated in war crimes while serving in Iraq is facing federal charges of falsifying his record.

Jesse Adam Macbeth, formerly of Phoenix, garnered much attention on blogs and in some alternative media after he began claiming in 2005 to have been awarded a Purple Heart for his service, which he said included slaughtering innocents in a Fallujah mosque. His story was contradicted by his true discharge form, showing that he was kicked out of the Army after six weeks at Fort Benning, Ga., in 2003 because of his "entry level performance and conduct."


A complaint unsealed Friday in U.S. District Court in Seattle charged him with one count of using or possessing a forged or altered military discharge certificate, and one count of making false statements in seeking benefits from the Veterans Administration…


…Macbeth claimed to have been shot in Iraq and to have suffered post-traumatic stress disorder, LaMont E. Stokes, an agent with the VA’s Office of the Inspector General, wrote in the charging papers. He collected more than $10,400 in benefits to which he was not entitled, Stokes wrote.


Stokes said he interviewed Macbeth in the Pierce County Jail in Tacoma, where he has been serving a sentence for fourth-degree assault, and that Macbeth admitted falsifying the documents because he was homeless and wanted to "sucker" anything he could out of the government.


Iraq Veterans Against the War and other organizations removed his allegations from their Web sites after learning they were false. In one videotaped interview, a skinny, stuttering Macbeth, dressed in a camouflaged jacket, described slaughtering hundreds of people in a mosque: "We would burn their bodies … hang their bodies from the rafters in the mosque," he said.

Michelle Malkin has up the reaction to his arrest from the guy who blew the whistle on the whole thing, Steve Oatney (former State Veterans Service Director for AMVETS in Tacoma)

Jesse Macbeth has caused harm in many ways. He has slandered and defamed a whole generation of veterans who are fighting to protect our nation from the horde of religious fanatics whose stated goal it is to "convert or kill us all."


He has taken valuable time and space at VA treatment facilities that rightfully belonged to legitimate veterans with legitimate service connected disabilities. He has stolen from the taxpayers the value of said treatment through fraudulent means.


He has damaged our nation in the eyes of many foreign countries with his bogus anti war video and false claims of mass killings.


He has stolen valor from every veteran who legitimately was awarded the purple heart.


He wasted the time of the AMVETS service officer that originally accepted his claim on fraudulent grounds and in doing so caused harm to the reputation of the AMVETS service office in Tacoma.


He wasted my time and that of fellow service officers and VA officials responding to his false claims of neglect by a system that he was not entitled to in the first place.


In my opinion Mr. Macbeth deserves the harshest punishment the government can muster.

Great news to hear that this scumbag is going to pay for his crimes but I wonder how many other "Veterans" that the anti-war movement uses are real Veterans?  The groups seem all to willing to use anyone who will speak ill of our military.  They do no background on these guys.

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