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Well isn’t this special?

Top Senate Democrats this week introduced two more amendments to impose timelines on the withdrawal of troops and benchmarks for the Iraqi government to meet.

Sens. Carl Levin, D-Mich., and Harry Reid, D-Nev., have offered an amendment to the Water Resources Development Act to begin the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq by October 1, 2007, if certain commitments are not met by the Iraqi government.

The withdrawal would have to be completed within six months, the same terms that drew a presidential veto when they were made part of the 2007 supplemental war spending bill.

However, this version of the language provides for a presidential waiver, a concession Levin believes will obviate any White House threat to veto the bill.

Attaching a cut and run amendment to water legislation?

Do these cowards know no bounds?

They are unable to get their legislation passed the honorable way so they resort to sneaking in their demands.  Unbelievable.

Rob at Say Anything found this great line from Harry Reid just a few months ago:

I also recognize that we have a process in the Senate where bills can be amended. Sometimes they don’t have to be relevant or germane. But I think you have to be in the ballpark.

Let me see….water legislation and Iraq.  Yeah, same ballpark.

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