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You may have seen this article a few days ago from our MSM titled:

Ready for 110 degrees?
NASA warns climate change could cook Atlantans

Not too hard to figure out that this article is one more doom and disaster piece in a long line of them.  It’s supposedly reporting on a study done by Barry H. Lynn, Richard Healy, and Leonard M. Druyan in which they say:

Using high resolution weather prediction models, we showed how greenhouse gases enhance feedbacks between precipitation, radiation, and atmospheric circulation that will likely lead to extreme temperatures in our not-so-distant future,

Makes for good scaremongering but is the doomsday calls real?

Roger Pielke Jr. has his reservations in his new post today:

The short answer is that this is an example of where an otherwise interesting and informative research article was translated into an almost hysterical claim of future weather based on the predictions of a model.

He then proceeds to give a short analysis of the study, including some serious shortcomings and ends with:

These are remarkably serious shortcomings of the model study, yet the news media chose to headline the predictions from it as news without these caveats, and the authors did not correct the media’s misstatement of what their paper actually said (in fact they reinforced them!).

Equally disturbing (or it should be to anyone who values scientific credibility) is that a peer reviewed journal elected to publish this paper in this form in which untested predictions for decades into the future were presented, yet the global and regional model could not even skillfully simulate recent climate. The publication of such clearly scientifically flawed research conclusions raises questions on whether the journal (in this case the American Meteorological Society Journal of Climate) is engaging in advocacy rather than being a balanced arbitrator of peer reviewed papers. Publishing predictions which are not tested, is not science.

Publishing predictions which are not tested is called politics.  And make no mistake about it, the Global Warming scaremongering is all about the politics, the power, and the money.

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