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Ace from Ace of Spades HQ has a great, I mean outstanding, post on the bias in our media.  So great I don’t even know which parts to excerpt and which to leave out.  The basic gist of his rant is that all the recent kerfuffles over David Broders comments last week is very telling.  The MSM is bending over backwards to answer charges of bias from the lefties that their coverage is too far right, but they ignore the biggest right of center bloggers in the blogosphere on an ongoing basis. 

They cannot be bothered to answer to conservative bloggers but get a Greenwald pissed off and they will talk about it incessantly. 

By way of background, part one: Right-leaning bloggers have been critiquing the media — not just in terms of opinion, but in baldly mistating easily-verified facts, for years.

By way of background, part two: Left-leaning bloggers began doing this fairly recently in order to "work the refs" a bit and push reporters back towards their natural left-leaning state.

By way of background, part three: Recently the left-leaning Radar Online quoted Thomas Edsall as saying boring, useless David Broder represented "the voice of the people." Left-wing bloggers went apeshit over the story, as they dislike Broder for speaking ill of Harry Reid and speaking in favor of caution on the part of the Democrats. (Caution is of course a dirty word among the nutroots.) Liberal reporters like Joe Klein immediately sprung to Broder’s defense, even engaging in blogfeud type back and forths with the noxious Glenn Greenwald. Left-liberal Jonathan Alter continues the overreaction, stating that Edsall didn’t even say that at all.*

My point — and I do have one — is that straight MSM types have been reacting to this rather minor and trivial incident for going on a week now. The left of the blogosphere speaks, and the MSM responds.

They almost never respond to even caught-dead-to-rights-criticism from the right. Instapundit has been correcting — sometimes several times a week — the media’s constant mistatement of George W. Bush’s "famous sixteen words," words so famous the media cannot remember them at all and always claim he stated that Saddam was seeking uranium from Niger specifically. Not only has no MSM type never responded to Instapundit regarding this, they apparently are entirely unaware of the constant corrections, as they continue misstating the "sixteen words so famous we have no idea what they are" virtually every time they "report" them.

He is so dead on target here.  This episode just strengthens the case against the MSM.  They are working overtime to answer their critics from the left but when a conservative source takes them to task they pretend not to hear it.

It has become quite apparent over the years that our MSM is now only a tool to be used by those who want to bring down this country.  By those who want to turn this country into a Socialist "paradise".  By those who want to turn this country into a Muslim paradise such as al-Qaeda and Al Jazeera. 

Just take a look at the "protests" the MSM constantly reports on.  It could be 100 Sheehan robots all dressed in pink and they will be out in droves to cover it.  But those demonstrating in support of the war, in support of our troops, are given a few seconds and slyly mocked as extremists. 

I’m telling you, the Democrat party should be quite worried.  If David Broder, a moderate Democrat, is to be vilified as he has been, if a Lieberman is to be run over the coals as he has been, then they are in big trouble.  It may be a shock to the 20 year old DummiesU crowd, whom the MSM continually try to impress, but the majority of the country is MODERATE!  Moderate Republicans and moderate Democrats. 

Ok…veered off course there for a little rant.  Just go check out Ace’s post to understand just how much this recent incident proves how biased our MSM really is.

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