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Almost the same amount of Democrats believe that Bush knew about the 9/11 attacks beforehand (35%) as those who don’t believe it (39%) according to the new Rasmussen poll. 

Yup, it’s obvious Bush, Cheney, & Gang knew about the attacks beforehand.  How else could they plant all the explosives needed to bring down the towers?

Pure and unadulterated BDS.  I mean haven’t the Democrats been railing against the Bush administration for many years now for FAILING to discover this threat?  But now he knew about it in advance? 

Just no making this kind of idiocy up people.  Pure comedy.

Ed Morrissey has a membership with Rasmussen so he received some of the extra stats, which are just as confusing:

In lookiing at the crosstabs, the story gets even more odd (I have a Rasmussen membership). A clear majority of independents had no problem clearing Bush. Only 18% of them believe that Bush had advance knowledge of the attack, and 25% are unsure. Women are almost twice as likely to believe it as men (29%/15%), and only a plurality says no (44%). The age groups all have majorities saying No (52-29%), but younger people tend to answer Yes rather than Not Sure; 29% for 18-29, scaling down to 18% for 65 or older. Only 18% of whites believe Bush knew, but 35% of blacks say Yes, and 40% of all other minorities believe it as well.

That last breakdown is even more odd when looking at another question in the survey. When asked whether they had a favorable impression of the CIA — which would have had to tell Bush about the attack, if he knew in advance — blacks had a 77% favorable impression, compared to 57% for whites, and only 44% for all other ethnic groups. All political demographics had majority favorable impressions of the CIA — 69% GOP, 53% Democrats, and Others 53%.

However, when asked whether the CIA knew about the attacks in advance, those numbers turn completely around. Blacks say Yes, 51%-18%, with 31% unsure. Whites say No, 47%-23%, with 29% unsure. For Democrats, they say Yes, 37%-30%, while Republicans say No, 57%-23%.

What should give us all pause is that those 35% who believe he knew beforehand, along with those 22% who still can’t decide, will be picking the Democrat nominee for President.  Scary scary stuff.  These people are not mentally competent to run their own lives but will have a say in who becomes our next President. 

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