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I’ve been getting some emails for my thoughts on the Macarthur Park incident in which the LAPD used force to disperse a crowd that was pelting them with ROCKS AND BOTTLES.  I capitalized those three words, ROCKS AND BOTTLES, so you wouldn’t miss them.  You see, ROCKS AND BOTTLES, were being thrown at the police before and after a dispersal order was given.

It’s really simple.  When we are attacked we WILL respond with appropriate force, and from every video I have seen that force used was appropriate.  They used non-lethel force which caused some bruises and cuts but in the end no one was killed or seriously injured.  How else does the citizens of this city want a riot situation handled.  If you take the anarchist view then we should not have been there in the first place.  Let them run wild, smashing windows, destroying property.  Because believe me, we know this is what they do.  Those peacefully marching should of understood that once some people behind you started chucking ROCKS AND BOTTLES that maybe you should leave. 


Because we will NOT just stand there and let incoming projectiles hit us without answering back and ending the threat. 

Now, on the complaint that the order was given in English only.  Last time I checked we live in the United States of America.  We speak English here.   If you want to live here maybe, just maybe, it would be a good idea to learn some so the next time your in front of some idiots throwing weapons at the police you will understand us when we tell you to leave.  Not like that wasn’t common sense to begin with.  

It’s all common sense, you attack the police you get an appropriate response back. 

Instead we get statements from elected yahoo’s who want to stir up the next big story with silly idiotic statements such as this one from Fabian Nunez, and assemblyman from the Macarthur Park area:

"The only logical conclusion I can come to is that somebody wanted it to bleed into the march so that they can do some target practice on some of the immigrants that were marching," Nunez said.

Idiots.  No rush to judgment there.

Listen to some of the radio traffic and you will hear the following: (h/t Immigrant Watchdog)

In part one you will hear the cops talking about being pelted with rocks and bottles at around the 11 minute mark. People were throwing stuff from apartments too. At round the 14 minute mark someone starts a fire. Note that the media ignored many of these facts.

Download File

In part two the rowdiness starts around the 05:30 mark. Some jokes around 10:50. At around 14:10 there is talk of people throwing bottles at cars. At 16 minutes they start going after some of the Mobsters.

Download File

Now, that’s a lot to listen to so if you want some excerpts here is a minute and a half audio file of some of the highlights. 

Download File

Listen to all of that and tell me how in the world anyone comes to the conclusion that they were "out for blood"

Recall that Johnnie Cochran once sued the LAPD in 1993 for not doing enough to restore order during the Rodney King riots and protect Reginald Denny.  Now, when they try to restore order by using non-lethel weapons it is overkill?

So either we’re using Gestapo tactics if we try to restore order or we’re irresponsible for not doing enough…..


Then we have Chief Bratton, the politician.  Kinda funny how he is soon up for another term, voted on by the City Council, and comes out swinging at his officers based on nothing but video tape shot by the news.  This is not the sign of a good leader but a politician trying to cover his backside.

Just like Hillary Clinton who proclaimed the shooting death of Amadou Diallo by police as "murder":

Hillary had used the same tactics of divide-and-conquer racist personalizing and polarizing when she declared the shooting of African immigrant Amadou Diallo "murder" (speaking from Sharpton’s own podium) days before a jury, whose foreman and four of whose members were black, found the accused policemen not guilty of any charges

Of course a multi-ethnic jury found this not to be the case, but why waste time on facts when you can appease the masses and get elected, or reappointed?

Finally, on the reporters.  We’ve seen the videos.  We’ve also seen the female reporter in the face of officers as they are advancing on those chucking projectiles.  What the flying hell did she think was going to happen?  Get the hell out of the way or you will be dealt with accordingly.  I will NOT let my safety be compromised because you want to get a story.


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