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"Immigrant rights". I am sick and exhausted of those who seek to undermine United States sovereignty. And I’m someone who has not taken a hardline on this debate. I believe in seeking practical, compassionate solutions, and not the emotional angry-as-hell-conservative non-solution that rants how we should round-up and kick out 12 million illegals to the proverbial curb. That is not a solution. It is a pipe-dream.

LA is bracing itself for a boycott of schools, work, and consumer activities tomorrow, even though the numbers are predicted to be less than that of last year (of course, last year, they did not anticipate the demonstrations to draw as many marchers as it did). 650,000 are said to have participated in LA marches last year, with about 72,000 of them being students.

One of the things that pisses me off, is the fact that many of these students are legal, natural born citizens of illegal immigrants. Anchor babies. They do irreparable harm to our country, with their divided loyalties between parents and ethnic heritage and recognition to the fact that their parents should never have been here.

 I have compassion for many illegal aliens, who want nothing more than to make an honest living in a country such as we live in. But they need to recognize that we are a nation of laws; and what they do, undermines our country. America needs control of her borders; we cannot take in, all at once, an endless stream of foreigners who wish to become American citizens, simply because they demand it. Those who wish to legally immigrate here should adopt American culture and customs and identity. They should be willing to assimilate. To not do so undermines America. So many people confuse America’s idea of a "melting pot" and "a nation of immigrants" with the harmful notions of "diversity" and "multiculturalism", which disregards "e pluribus unum": "out of many, one". Instead of one people and one nation, what we end up with is a series of mini nations within a nation. It creates problems for the U.S., and it creates problems for illegals, by the very nature of the fact that they are here, illegally. So when they complain about such things as the heartstring tugs in this LA Times piece:

Andrea Perez, a 48-year-old housekeeper from Mexico, said many workers today are paid less than minimum wage and routinely abused. One friend, she said, had coffee thrown in her face by an employer who disliked the way it was made.

I hear violins playing in the background when I read this kind of nonsense, and think, "HELLO?! They would not have created the problems they face if they weren’t here illegally to begin with."

"I just want people to recognize immigrants as humans," Perez said.

And I just want the LA Times to recognize the difference between legal and illegal immigrants! I’m for sensible immigration reform; but I am opposed to illegal immigrants swarming into MY country, and dictating what my country should and should not do, on their behalf. As non-citizens, they should not have political influence; they should not be allowed to vote, influencing policies that benefit them, and that dissolves our national identity.

The path to American citizenship should begin with respecting our borders and our established laws. It should end with desire to be a part of America; not apart from it. This means learn the language and the traditional, established culture and customs of the United States; think of yourself as American first, and whatever your ethnic/national heritage last.

I love the beauty of most cultures; but not all cultures are created equal- by that, I mean, multi-cultures should not replace American culture, whose traditions and system of values has created the very means for which all other cultures and customs are accepted into the fold. We need to preserve the essence of who we are as one people; the bond of language, borders, and culture; and from that, we can then freely add on the adornments of our respective, varied ethnic heritages.

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