Posted by Curt on 26 April, 2007 at 10:30 am. 3 comments already!


The Hillary Caption Contest to celebrate Flopping Aces passing the one million hit mark is OVER!

And the winner is SKYE from Midnight Blue with this great caption which received 40 votes:

So, based on what you are telling me, if I go with the platinum package – I’ll get the "Monica-Look" AND a free cigar?

Skye gets any three items she wants from the Flopping Aces store….free.

The three runner-ups were:

Shhhh. The cameras are on me – I have to pretend that I’m interested in you for a moment.

– Monica from Grizzly Mama

"You ask me that question again and I’ll have your balls for breakfast!"


No, you are wrong sir. Satan is my bitch.

– Luke

Thanks to everyone who participated.

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