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As Rush has said repeatedly “The Democrats OWN defeat! It is theirs and they OWN it 100%”

As Congressional Democrats sought to reconcile their differences and send an Iraq spending bill to the White House, Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader, said Thursday that “this war is lost,” a stark assessment that Republicans argued would demoralize American troops fighting in Iraq.

One day after legislative leaders met with President Bush, failing to find common ground, House Democrats signaled their intention to step away from a mandatory deadline to remove troops from Iraq, and to work instead toward a compromise of setting a goal for troops to be withdrawn next year.

But the president said that any timetable for a troop redeployment, even a goal, would face a veto. “I think it’s a mistake, and I’ve made it clear, that the Congress should not have artificial timetables for withdrawal in a funding statement,” Mr. Bush said Thursday during a speech in Ohio.

Hey Harry!

No plans to win the war, just a blanket statement telling the world and our troops that it’s hopeless.  America’s best and brightest can’t win this thing so lets just run like cowards to the hills.  Let them massacre each other….who cares, it’s not us.

When I read these kind of comments, this kind of defeatism, I tend to always think about Paine:

“These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

What happens to a person that causes them to look for defeat rather then victory?  Was it how they were raised?  We’re they raised to always run from a fight?  We’re they raised to run from those who need us?  All for selfish political reasons.  Or are they just this stupid and cowardly for no good reason?

No one really believes these idiots care about the good of the country, either ours or Iraq’s.  No, they care more about their own political aspiration, their own power.  3,000 American lives lost for a just and noble cause and they want to run before the job is done to make those sacrifices made, all for naught. 

Disgusting and sad.

One last thing on Reid, well, not my words but some words from the distinguished Dafydd at Big Lizards who details all of Harry’s accomplishments through the years and why we should all listen to him….cough

I have had my suspicions about Reid from the git go. Consider the biography of Harry "Pinky" Reid. First, Reid is one of those politicians who has never held any other job in his life besides — politics. And even at that, he has never held a political job that had any actual performance standards, no administrative job like governor or even mayor. He served as lieutenant governor; but of course, that has fewer administrative responsibilities than being a dormatory R.A. at UC Santa Cruz, or even being Vice President of the United States.

(Oh, but let me be precise here: Reid allegedly worked as an attorney for two years in the mid-1960s, between when he received his J.D. and when he first ran for the Nevada state assembly. No idea if he actually argued any cases — unlikely — or whether he simply clerked for some local judge or worked as a junior peon in a Searchlight law firm. And then, there is that odd, three-year gap between when he failed to be elected senator in 1974 and when he turned up as Nevada gaming commissioner in 1977, during which he must have done something. Maybe he worked as a Pai Gow poker dealer or pit boss at a craps table. But that about covers it.)

During Reid’s entire, illustrious, forty-year political career — as state legislator, lieutenant governor, Nevada state gaming commissioner, U.S. representative, and senator — with attendant array of "leadership" positions — he has never once distinguished himself, never stood out, never brought himself to public attention. I suspect that virtually nobody in America except for political junkies could name the majority leader… unlike his counterpart, the Squeaker of the House.

Even Reid’s "scandals" have been little and insignificant peccadillos: some land deal trifle in Nevada, having contacts with Jack Abramoff, free boxing tickets, and earmarking a bridge that would marginally help his bottom line — bagatelles all. He can’t even be spectacularly corrupt. One might guess that no crook in his right mind would concoct a spectacular scheme that depended upon somebody like Harry "Pinky."

Reid is like Sir Joseph, the Lord Admiral in Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta H.M.S. Pinafore: a man who rose from "office boy to an attorney’s firm" to "ruler of the Queen’s Navee" without ever once having set foot upon the deck of a ship



Gateway Pundit reminds us that the same day Reid pronounced "the war is lost" that another province in Iraq was handed over to complete Iraq control.

It is interesting… That this happened the same day that democratic leader Harry Reid said, "The war is lost."

Do you suppose Harry Reid was aware of this before he made his shameful statements yesterday to the liberal media?

And, wouldn’t it be nice if the media reported the progress in Iraq once in a while?

The above diagram from the Department of Defense shows the progress made in Iraq in just the last year.

So, why is it that this is not making any headlines today?

Maysan’s governor, Adil Muhaudir (L), and the commander of British forces in southern Iraq, Major-General Jonathan Shaw, sign papers during a ceremony marking the handover of southern Maysan province from British forces to Iraqi control, 365 km (230 miles) southeast of Baghdad April 18, 2007. (REUTERS/Mohammed Ameen)

And also don’t forget that Reid said:

“the U.S. could still pursue political, economic and diplomatic means to bring peace to Iraq.”

immediately after he said "the war is lost".  Which makes sense how?  So we lost the war but can still win it?

What a douchebag. 

If he would have studied the new strategy in Iraq he would have seen that "political, economic, and diplomatic" means IS the main strategy in Iraq.

And the coup de grâce?

  • SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV):We are going to pick up Senate seats as a result of this war… Senator Schumer has shown me numbers that are compelling and astounding.”
  • SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV):it doesn’t matter what resolution we move forward to. You know, I can count. I don’t know if we’ll get 60 votes. But I’ll tell you one thing: there are 21 Republicans up for reelection this time
  • DSCC CHAIRMAN CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY):We will break them [Republicans, not terrorists]…’ Schumer declared, making no attempt to hide his glee
  • DSCC CHAIRMAN SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY):The heat on those Republican senators up in ’08 is tremendous… This is a campaign

So they don’t care about winning the war in Iraq, but they sure do care about winning elections.


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