Posted by Curt on 14 April, 2007 at 12:10 am. 2 comments already!


Larry Elder gave an excellent interview with Diane Sawyer this morning on Good Morning America in which he uttered the words "scotty beam me up" to describe this whole Imus situation.  Three of the biggest racists in this country (Sharpton, Spike Lee, & Jackson) call for the head of a man who uttered a stupid remark, one in which he apologized over and over again for making, and succeed in getting him fired.

All the while you can tune into your local hip hop radio station and hear much much worse then what is uttered by Imus about oh, every 15 seconds or so.

Scotty beam me up:

Newsbusters took issue with the fact that Diane accused Larry of attacking her at the end but if you watch the video it really seems to be a joke.   Can’t believe I am defending Diane Sawyer but there you have it, pigs are flying.

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