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Anyone with the capability for independent thought has recognized the media has a liberal bias. However, what is rarely asked is what is there to be done about it? I have asked several Republicans in the Maryland area this same question, and I was surprised at the lack of an intelligent, comprehensive response. Most have simply replied, “What else is there to do?” Others make vague statements about talk radio, but on the end, the GOP SIMPLY HAS NO PLANS TO DEAL WITH THE MEDIA BIAS THAT WORKS DIRECTLY AGAINST THEM.
Think about it, this makes as much sense as saying “well, I always get mugged down this street, and this is the way it always has been, so it will always probably be this way, so why try to change it.” What the GOP fails to realize is that the media, just as much as the Democrats, is their opponent in the next election. What the GOP also fails to realize is that every time they talk to the media, they legitimize the MSM and their bias.
Many in the GOP might be afraid to confront the MSM and call their biases out, as they are afraid of more negative reporting. This I find amusing, as the reporting is already so negatively slanted to Republicans more negativity will hardly matter. What I propose is that the GOP, as a National Party, expands what the Governor of MD Bob Ehrlich started; de-legitimize the media by refusing to deal with media organizations that refuse to report the story fairly.
Simply, there is no fairness in the media. True, talk radio might be dominated by conservatives, (which is why liberal jerks are trying to control it and thus silence Conservatives.) But it is the print media, the most biased, is not public domain, thus the Fairness Doctrine will never apply to them. Unlike the liberals, I do not want to expand the law to control anybody. On the contrary, I want to use the power and principles of choice and capitalism to force the MSM to do something they do not want to do, namely, be fair.
In a nutshell, one politician matters not. But if the GOP as a whole refuses to do business with organizations that do not provide equal coverage for both sides of the issue and boycott those that do not, three things might happen. First, the media will respond by attacking and attempting to de-legitimize their accusers. Second, the media might respond to the traditions of fair and impartial journalism or (third) they might become even more biased. This will actually play into the GOP’s hands. Almost all polls point to an erosion of the public’s (both liberal and conservative) belief in the fairness of the MSM, and this policy will only increase their de-legitimization. This policy should be public and will only be effective if it is a national policy. This will increase the power of the new media, which is less hostile to conservative values. Following this logic, the GOP should embrace talk radio, cable, certain moderate papers, and the blogs as a way to get their message out without having to deal with an organization that does not have their best interests at heart.  Either way the media responds, the GOP eventually wins.  (By the way, it will also benefit the GOP to return to conservatives principles instead of acting more like Democrats as too many in the General Opposition Party presently do, but that is another article.)
The question I ask the GOP is this: Why continue to legitimize an institution that is doing everything in their power to defeat you? Until you recognize that the media is as much of an opponent as the Democrats, you, the GOP, will continue to fight every fight uphill. It is your choice.

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