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Raymond Ibrahim wrote a wonderful article at NRO yesterday about the hypocrisy in the Muslim world:

All humans generally live according to some set of priorities. A person may make a priority of health, of pleasure, of study, of almost anything, really. But it is practically a law of nature that a person must make a priority of something. Even those who lead unstructured existences unconsciously live according to some set of unarticulated priorities, if only according to something so basic as the primal need for food, drink, and shelter.

For many people, religious practice — striving to obey God’s commandments — is a high priority, the highest, even. Yet this priority can come into conflict with the character of the society in which one lives. This is undoubtedly the case for devout Muslims who voluntarily relocate to Western nations. This invariably will compromise what many of them profess to be their ultimate priority: living in accordance to the divine laws of Allah (i.e., sharia — most of which is derived from the words and deeds of seventh-century Mohammad).

Some of these Muslims arrive in the West and don’t want to compromise.

Raymond then goes on to detail some of the recent incidents which highlight this hypocrisy such as the Muslim cashiers at Target who refuse to swipe pork from customers, Muslim cabdrivers refusing to take customers with alcohol, Muslims demanding a certain portion of the day be put aside to swim at public pools, a Muslim all-girl basketball team demanding that men not be allowed to view their games, Muslims demanding certain hours at a gym be put aside only for them…and the list goes on and on and on.

We should be inconvenienced because these Muslims want to live under Allah’s law, but chose to live amongst us "infidels"?

From a religious point of view, the anti-social behavior of these Muslims can be, if not excused, then certainly understood. They are doing only what their religion commands them to do. And their refusal to compromise on these points demonstrates that adherence to the commandments of Islam is a priority of the utmost importance to them.

However, if living in strict accordance to sharia is the first priority of some Muslims, one wonders: Why have they voluntarily come and immersed themselves in infidel countries that do not recognize sharia law and, indeed, allow many things that run counter to it, such as the selling and consumption of alcohol and pork and the liberal intermingling of the sexes? Most of the Muslim countries that Muslims abandon for the West are much more conducive to the Muslim lifestyle and uphold many if not all aspects of sharia law. Yet, each year, thousands of supposedly “ultra-devout” Muslims forsake these countries and, of their own free will, come and surround themselves with wine-imbibing, swine-eating libertines. Why?

I’ll tell you why.  They come to live large.  To live free and in comfort.  To live in a place where if they work hard they can attain all these things.  They live here because they cannot find any of those things whence they came from.  So they come here and then have the audacity to tell US that we need to abide by their religion or we will not get the service we pay for.

But why are Muslims of the “ultra-pious” variety seeking after material comfort in the first place — especially when doing so will almost certainly undermine their professed desire to live strictly according to the sharia? Coming to live in a democratic country composed of some 300 million infidels is bound to affect any Muslim’s observance of sharia. These pious Muslims risk coming into daily contact with, not only pork, alcohol, and dogs, but all sorts of other defilements: flamboyant homosexuals, scantily clad women (who are often in positions of authority!), gamblers and usurers, to name a few. Are they not concerned that they, or especially their children, might become contaminated by the licentious and seductive practices of the infidel West? If their priority is truly to strictly follow sharia, should they not remain in their Muslim countries of origin, which, if not as prosperous as the West, are definitely more conducive to the Muslim lifestyle?

Indeed.  If they wish to live as "good" Muslims then why would they come to the land of the infidel? 

There are countless verses and traditions, in fact, that make it clear that Muslims are to be in a constant state of animosity toward non-Muslims, waging war through tongue and teeth in order to spread Islam, and, when finally in a position of superiority, discriminating against those who refuse to convert (see, for example, 3:28, 5:73, 5:17, 9:5, 9:25, etc).

But they choose to come to this country and demand that WE change.  Now that is arrogance my friends.  If you don’t want to scan pork then don’t take a freakin job in which you check out food items.  If you don’t want to swim with men then buy a pool or don’t freakin swim in a public pool.  Why is it WE must be inconvenienced because you chose to leave a devout Muslim country and live in a land where we are all free to do as we want. 


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