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Sorry to my regular readers, apparently someone or some group in the UAE has been attacking my site and the server I’m on via the comments cgi.  I’ve been getting threatening emails for sometime now over those muhammed pictures I put up over a year ago, warning me to take them down.  Of course seeing as though I am a good natured soul I sent them a polite note back….

Anyways, they began a very subtle attack which took my server guy sometime to figure out but they didn’t know I have a secret weapon.  That being my server guru and owner of my hosting company, Mike from Slobakon Site of Schtuff.  He loves this kind of stuff and loves taking these yahoo’s down.

So anyways, the comments are back up and I appreciate your patience.


Thought I would give you guys an example of the type of emails I’m talking about:

From: ibrahem rizk <>
Date: Mar 11, 2007 3:38 AM

if you do not Leave Muslims and their prophet in peace our god will burn you

if you leave them in peace we will leave you in peace

our gad support us to beat these people in one day to let them know that we are on right

This one I’ve taken a screenshot of since I want the arabic writing preserved.   No idea what it says but judging from the rest of the message I don’t think it’s too supportive of me.

They’ve been passing around my posts on their message boards like so….Don’t know what that says but lots of traffic was coming from there around the time I started getting these emails.  They’ve tried to hack the site a few times since but yesterday’s and todays was the most thorough attempt yet.

And what pictures were they most pissed about?  Well why don’t I reprint them for ya


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