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Quite a liberal laughfest it’s been this week huh?  From the Democrats adding billions of pork to a Iraq surrender bill in order to get it passed and then not having the decency to send it to the White House before they take a little vacation (troops be damned), to CNN allowing a Clinton staffer to give his "unbiased opinion" on the 2008 election without telling anyone he was employed by Clinton, to the Speaker of the House visiting our enemy, to Diane Feinstein’s cronyism in which she sold our troops down the river for monetary gain,  to a large whale of a liberal stating on national TV that terrorists should not be called evil while in the same breath stating our Government was behind 9/11.

A rip-roaring liberal laughfest.

Not to be outdone the AP has decided to pull out the stops to attack any Republican they can.  This one being Newt Gingrich.

He made a speech Saturday in which he stated that it was ridiculous to have elections where ballots need to be printed in 700 different languages.  You want to be a citizen of this country…learn the freakin language:

WASHINGTON – Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich equated bilingual education Saturday with “the language of living in a ghetto” and mocked requirements that ballots be printed in multiple languages.

“The government should quit mandating that various documents be printed in any one of 700 languages depending on who randomly shows up” to vote, said Gingrich, who is considering seeking the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. He made the comments in a speech to the National Federation of Republican Women.

“The American people believe English should be the official language of the government. … We should replace bilingual education with immersion in English so people learn the common language of the country and they learn the language of prosperity, not the language of living in a ghetto,” Gingrich said to cheers from the crowd of more than 100.

They headline the piece:

Gingrich links bilingual education and ‘ghetto’

Which is baloney.  Stop being so hyper-sensitive.  I know it’s hard when your agenda is to bad mouth as many Republicans as you can but come on.  This is common sense.  You want to earn a good wage?  Own a home?  Then get an education and learn english.  The language of this country you are choosing to live in.  If you decide not to learn english then 90% of the time you will be stuck in that low paying job and trapped in that ghetto.  Take it from someone who has worked South-Central Los Angeles for 10 years. 

But that’s not all.  Ankle Biting Pundits found something peculiar about this article.  Check out the last sentence:

Bilingual programs teach students reading, arithmetic and other basic skills in their native language so they do not fall behind while mastering English.

On voting, federal law requires districts with large populations of non-English speakers to print ballots in multiple languages.

Reports of extramarital affairs have dogged him for years as a result of two messy divorces, but he has refused to discuss them publicly.


Tell me what the hell Newt’s marriages or affairs have to do with a story on bilingual programs?

Checking the AP wire, ABP found this story and I found this story that were both sent out 55 minutes prior to the above one, neither one mentions his marital affairs.  So one hour after the original story some editor decided to slip this sentence in….

No bias here.


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