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Democrats Pass Legislation Giving Felons The Right To Vote

ANNAPOLIS—The Maryland Senate and House of Delegates have passed legislation to allow convicted felons to regain the right to vote after they have completed their sentences. Currently, Senate Bill 488 and House Bill 554, the so-called Voter Registration Protection Act, appear destined for the desk of Martin O’Malley to be signed into law. The Democrat majority pushed these bills through the legislature and voted down amendments that would have excluded murderers, rapists, and child molesters from this law. Maryland Republican Party Chairman James Pelura had the following comment about this bill:

“The Democrat majority has gone too far in passing legislation to allow convicted murderers, child molesters, rapists, and many other violent offenders to regain the right to vote. All of these convicted felons are people who have rejected our society and civil order. This smacks in the face of law-abiding citizens and victims everywhere.”

Source: MD GOP Press Release.

Why do I hate liberalism? Let’s see. They take away rights from law-abiding citizens ( the recently passed smoking ban) and give rights to murderers, rapists, and child molesters. I wonder what kind of laws they will support….? Do you think they will support laws or politicians that are tough on crime or on pedophiles? If you were a politician here, what kind of platform would you run on?

WCBM in Baltimore also reports that California might provide a number for commuters to report single drivers in high occupancy lanes? Is there a law that reports illegal aliens? Nope! So again, let’s harass the law abiding and protect the criminal.

But wait, our wonderfully stupid Legislature elected by this state of blue lemmings outdoes itself here.

WCBM also reports that the State legislature might force Towson State to give up it’s MBA program as it competes with predominately black Morgan State’s MBA program. (I guess whites do not need MBA’s ) If I was an African-American man, I would be offended, as it is A) reverse discrimination. and B) assumes blacks cannot compete against whites.

This is the same logic that worries about police brutality as hundreds lie every year in our city. (And the man who did nothing to stop it as Mayor has been rewarded as being promoted to Governor. )

This is the logic of the thousands of anti-American morons march in our city streets to protest the government that protects their rights and thus supports enemies of Democracy that would like nothing better to put a bullet through their thick little heads.

This is the logic that is more willing to protest to protect the life of terrorists than an innocent unborn baby.

This is the logic of those more willing to fight for homosexuality, Islam or (Name your cause here) then their own country or Christianity.

Why do I hate liberalism? No reason…..

(p.s. and for all you social justice liberals, how is this socially just?)

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