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Big surprise here….Chuck Hagel, the man who has doomed his Presidency run even before it began….supported the cut n’ run strategy today that he opposed two weeks ago:

Senate Democrats scored a surprise victory yesterday in their bid to force President Bush to end the Iraq war, turning back a Republican amendment that would have struck a troop withdrawal plan from emergency military funding legislation.

The defection of a prominent Republican war critic, Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, sealed the Democrats’ win. Hagel, who opposed identical withdrawal language two weeks ago, walked onto the Senate floor an hour before the late-afternoon vote and announced that he would "not support sustaining a flawed and failing policy," adding: "It’s now time for the Congress to step forward and establish responsible boundaries and conditions for our continued military involvement in Iraq."

Of course it’s now going to go to the Presidents desk where it will be promptly vetoed.  No bill that includes any kind of timetable will be passed, period.  The Democrats are trying to appease their masters but it will be short lived since instead of doing something constructive by oh, I don’t know, putting up a bill that has a chance to be signed, they instead are doing political theater.  It’s one big show to these pukes.

Pukes maybe too good a word for them….cowards, self-serving, traitorous bastards would be better but you know me….just too nice to go down that route.

These people change their belief system, change their votes with the wind.  Whichever way the money tree bends you will see them chasing after it.  Not more then a few weeks ago these cowards who voted for this bill were saying: (via Redstate)

Anyone who tells you we can set a timetable for withdrawal doesn’t understand war. And anyone who says that nothing can be done to speed a secure peace doesn’t understand America.”
"I’m bothered by dates. I think you still have to go on conditions for staying.”

I, for example, am not in support of circling a date on a calendar and saying, ‘no matter what, we’re out on that date.’ ”

I do not believe that it is a wise policy to set a specific date for a withdrawal from Iraq.”

But now all of sudden they all support a bill they opposed…I wonder why?  Could it be from the pork? (click each one to read the specific pork item)

This is the new and improved Congress where we have Hagel voting for the cut n run bill and Lieberman against…the same bill that was bounced off the floor two weeks ago passes today all because of bribes.

Wonderful job Dem’s, you should be patting yourselves on the back for this one.

It gonna get vetoed and Bush will NOT negotiate a timetable.  I’m telling you with 100% certainty he will not accept anything with any kind of timetable.  So either the Democrats put up a bill that funds our troops, with NO conditions, or they will be blamed from all sides for putting our soldiers into even more danger with no funds to support them.  It’s a game of chicken apparently and my money is on Bush.

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