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H.R.1591 Only two Republicans pulled a Theron and Ephialtes: Wayne Gilchrest and Walter Jones. 198 Republicans held Spartan, joined by 14 Democrats.

Having passed 218 to 212, President Bush has vowed to veto the pork-laden bill.

Like Chatterbox, I admire President Bush’s steadfastness and leadership in making the right decisions even when they aren’t the popular decisions to be made, at the time. I believe history will vindicate him as the right man in office at the right time; and the fact that he has faced so much opposition and pressure during his Presidency by a hostile media, "public opinion", "world opinion", the latest gallup polls, and a Democratic Party that has moved further and further to the left, will bring him and all who stood with him through the worst of it, world-reknown "glory" in the annals of history. The more he is hated by those who are wrong, the more opposition I see him face, the more I admire this President for his strength of leadership. God bless President George W. Bush!

Michael Franc at explains why the micromanagement of the War by 535 armchair generals back in Congress is a bad idea:

Remarkably, Democrats reject the notion that they are "micromanaging" the Commander-in-Chief’s constitutional authority to make military decisions during wartime. Instead, they speak of the "collaborative process" and "shared responsibility" between Congress and the President to "redefine the mission" or enact a new "management plan" for Iraq.

For several reasons, the Founding Fathers concluded Congress shouldn’t do this. As Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson wrote, the Constitution empowers the President "to command and direct the armed forces in their immediate movements and operations."

 For a Congress determined to end the war, the remedy is straightforward and simple: Cut funding to the troops. Try running that up the flag pole.

Credit for the photoshop of "King George’s" head pasted onto Gerard Butler‘s body goes to Curt.  Thanks, Curt!

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