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You have to love the blatant bias the New York Times displays when they write an article such as this, with the headline:

Army Revises Upward Number of Desertions in ’06

After which they proceed to interview "some Army officers" who tell them it’s this damn war:

A total of 3,196 active-duty soldiers deserted the Army last year, or 853 more than previously reported, according to revised figures from the Army.

The new calculations by the Army, which had about 500,000 active-duty troops at the end of 2006, significantly alter the annual desertion totals since the 2000 fiscal year.

In 2005, for example, the Army now says 2,543 soldiers deserted, not the 2,011 it had reported. For some earlier years, the desertion numbers were revised downward.

[…]Some Army officers link the recent uptick in annual desertion rates to the toll of wartime deployments and point to the increasing percentage of troops who are on their second or third tours in Iraq or Afghanistan.

But alas they wait until the 3rd to last paragraph to tell us that, well, the desertions are about average:

Over all, desertions, a chronic problem in the Army but hardly pervasive, now account for less than 1 percent of active-duty soldiers. The current annual rates pale in comparison with the 33,094 soldiers — 3.41 percent of the total force — who deserted the Army in 1971, during the Vietnam War.

So what your telling me is that the desertion rate is about average?

And the reason for this article is?

I’ll tell you the reason for this article, it’s just one more papercut applied by the MSM to the Bush administration.  An article with no real story, all to highlight that Iraq is bad.  Bush is bad mmmmmkay.

You know that if Kerry was President the Times wouldn’t be wasting their time about the desertion rate being about the same, no they would be spending their time talking about those Congress critters adding pork to bills to get them passed….

Oh, wait a minute…..


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