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By Robert Farrow

Those wacky liberals are at it again……

LONDON — In British schools, young children are learning that the prince doesn’t always fall in love with a princess, and not every family includes a Mama Bear and Papa Bear. A new pilot project is using picture books, the arts, drama and other techniques to introduce homosexual themes to schoolchildren ages 4 to 11. In one picture book, “King & King,” a prince fails to fall in love with three different princesses before finally falling in love with a man.

In another, “And Tango Makes Three,” a zookeeper realizes that two male penguins are in love. He gives them an egg; the hatchling, Tango, grows up with two fathers.The project, called No Outsiders, is needed to combat the “absolutely massive” problem of bias against homosexuals among British schoolchildren, said Elizabeth Atkinson, the director.

“There are more homophobic incidents in our schools than racist incidents,” she said. This bias ranges, she said, from the casual and common use of the word “gay” as an insult to serious bullying of children with two parents of the same sex. Such bullying can do children serious harm, she said, prompting them to withdraw and causing their academic performance to decline. But the project has had the effect of uniting conservative Christians and Muslims in opposition.

“Islam doesn’t approve of that sort of behavior,” said Tahir Alam, the education spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain. “It’s morally unacceptable.”Simon Calvert, a spokesman for the Christian Institute, did not return phone calls seeking comment. But he told the Sunday Observer newspaper that the No Outsiders project amounted to “the active promotion of homosexuality in schools.”

The link is here.

“Islam doesn’t approve of that sort of behavior,” said Tahir Alam, the education spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain. “It’s morally unacceptable.

And this is the problem with liberal logic and their marriage of convenience with the Muslims against the Conservatives. There is no way they can win. The Muslims are even less likely to put up with their hedonistic values. Think moral relativism and political correctness will survive in a world increasingly dominated by Islam? Think again.

As they are quite unwilling to fight for anything, if they win the culture war they and their morals and values will be utterly destroyed by Islam. If we (the conservatives) win, their fate will be much kinder. But is it a surprise that a group of people that kill their babies, won’t fight for their country, attack the bedrock values of their society, and embrace every self-defeating idea they can lay their small minds on cannot figure this out.

In a way I agree with the Muslims, the values of the West (liberal, for the most part) is ungodly and in some ways, evil. I just don’t think the answer to the hedonism of the west is to return to the 13th century.

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