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"They have not wanted peace at all; they have wanted to be spared war- as though the absence of war was the same as peace."
-Dorothy Thompson

I thought I’d republish the "Get Along Cindy" video, in honor of tomorrow.

The Gathering of Eagles patriots will be standing in opposition to the peace fascists.

Encourage C-SPAN to cover the event.   Apparently, they are covering the moonbat brigade; what about the pro-victory patriots?  Most of your average American is clueless that there is anything converging in Washington D.C. , this Saturday.    Of course…these same citizens probably won’t be tuning in to C-SPAN.  But still…I’ll be tuning in.

Main number:  (202) 737-3220
FAX number:  (202) 737-6226

For those who are looking for liveblogging coverage, please check in at Mike’s America.  He will be relaying the latest from the ground, as reported by some of our fellow bloggers who are there.

And read this from CJ at A Soldier’s Perspective.  He had an encounter with one tinhat-wearing (albeit civil) protestor, who brought up the "chemtrails" conspiracy claims.  Here’s the reason why CJ thinks the anti-war left will always be at odds with the majority of those serving in the military:

before I left I wanted to impart one more piece of wisdom. I motioned towards his encampment and asked him which of the tents before us were collecting letters, cards or care packages for troops. I asked which tent was asking for donation of shoes, clothing, toys, school supplies or other good that Soldiers can hand out to the Iraqi people to make their lives better. I told him I don’t have a problem with the peace movement and anti-war movement. But, I DO have a problem with a peace movement and anti-war movement that purports to do it in the name of supporting the troops and yet nothing there makes me feel supported. I told him the reason why his cause will never gain acceptance from Soldiers is because they go about it all wrong. I may feel more inclined to listen to their speeches and read their literature if I actually something there that REALLY supported the troops. I asked him when the last time they went to Walter Reed and brought cookies, movies, music, flowers, letter, cards, drawings, anything to make those Soldiers they supposedly support feel better. NEVER. And that, my tin foil hat wearing friend, is why I don’t support you and made an effort to thank that ONE lady standing alone on the side of the road instead of any of the many people mulling about without deodorant. I also thanked him for the civil conversation (up to the point of "chemtrails") and that it’s a rare day that I have a conversation with people like him and don’t get called names or have to deal with screaming and yelling. We shook hands and departed.

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