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My favorite radio station is KRLA 870. I’ve been listening to them since at least, 2004. Laura Ingraham, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, and Hugh Hewitt being my primary listens. It was through KRLA, that I learned about an event they helped sponsor here in Los Angeles, along with Move America Forward.

On Friday at noon, in Griffith Park, blue state California was awash in red, white, and blue. The National Support Our Troops Tour caravan made a stop, as part of its journey to Washington D.C. for the March 17th protests (which includes The Gathering of the Eagles).

I thought I’d play "citizen-photo-journalist-for-a-day", and share pictures and video clips that I took with my digital camera.

Here’s what some of my fellow Americans traveled in:

I’m so used to seeing moonbat mobiles on the streets of California, that this is an extremely rare sight around these parts.

I dare any flag-burning protestor to try setting a match to this flag

I see a message there for Jihad Jane….do you?

Seriously….don’t frakkin’ piss these guys off.

You don’t see signs like this very often around these parts. It garnered a round of cheers.

I forgot to ask this man his name; but he told me he printed out this t-shirt at 3 in the morning.


Debra Argel, gold star mom, takes the podium first:

Second up was blue star mom, Deborah Johns:

And finally, Mark Crowley, a gold star dad:

Debra Argel Bastian comforts a supporter, and gives him a card with a picture of her son on it.

Gold Star Dad, Mark Crowley was a pissed off firecracker. This photo was taken moments before I got to shake his hand and have a few words with him. I missed the beginnings of a good rant, but caught the rest in this clip here:

I love this photo! Debbie Johns is a great voice for the pro-troop/pro-victory movement. I listened to her give media interviews when the caravan first arrived. And she was a great speaker at the podium, as well. You can listen to more of her by visiting this post at Marie’s Two Cents.

Even though the rally was not huge in numbers, it was huge in spirit; and unlike a big event rally, both gold star parents and blue star mom were very approachable. I find their service to our nation, their personal sacrifices, deeply moving and inspiring. They are highly motivated in giving so much time and energy to this whirlwind tour and to the ideals and idealism of a noble nation: the United States of America. And they are absolutely faithful and loving toward the men and women who do everything to defend our country.

More photos that I took.

I was shocked to find the following photo in the LA Times piece on the rally in Griffith Park:

Mark Crowley, center, hugs a supporter after a rally to support U.S. troops. Wearing a t-shirt with an image of his son, killed while serving in Iraq, Crowley accepts dozens of flags to bring with him to Washington D.C

That’s because the supporter being hugged by Mark Crowley is none other than yours truly.

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