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Can anyone tell that the Democrats are in charge in Congress?  Look whats being pushed once again, socialized health care:

A majority of Americans say the federal government should guarantee health insurance to every American, especially children, and are willing to pay higher taxes to do it, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

Of course the New York Times fails to tell us that Democrats were oversampled by 10 points: (page 25 of the poll)

They oversampled liberals by 13 points: (page 26)

26% of those polled didn’t even vote in 2004: (click to enlarge)

And then the final nail, 17% are not even registered to vote. 

Now looking at all this put together, Democrats oversampled by 10 points, liberals by 13, out of those polled 26% didn’t vote and 17% are not even registered to vote, we can easily see how blatantly biased this poll is.

But putting this biased poll aside we can now see what the November election accomplished.  The Democrats are pushing for our tax bill to be raised so that even more people can get free stuff such as health care.  No reason to work for it, hell all they have to do is sit at home and get it for free.  Yes, some may have to work longer hours to afford it but you know what…too damn bad.  Work hard, get an education, push yourself to strive for the top rung, and you can pay for it on your own.  If your in this country illegally then you deserve NOTHING….no free health care, no free education, nothing.

But instead we get more and more socialized.  Housing projects are being put up all over the place so that those too lazy to get up off their ass, or those who just spent five years in prison, can get free housing on our backs.  And what does Hillary Clinton want to do?

Raise our taxes even more to help pay for more of the same.

This reason alone is enough to push me to vote for ANY Republican who has the best shot at defeating her in 2008.

Stopping Hillary Clinton is our priority now.

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