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I heard about this earlier today at work but I wanted to get a media report to link to so I waited until tonight.  Finally, one news source has printed a story.

The man who shot and killed Deputy David March and who hid for years in Mexico has plead guilty to second degree murder:

One of America’s most-wanted fugitives pleaded guilty to killing an LA County Sheriff’s deputy in Pomona today. Facing charges on U.S. soil after a lengthy extradition from Mexico, Jorge Arroyo Garcia waived his right to a jury trial and plead guilty to second-degree murder. Then, through a translator, he asked for forgiveness from March’s Family.

“We were really surprised,” said March’s widow Terri, who was in the courtroom, about Garcia’s plea and his repentant words.

On April 29, 2002, Garcia killed Deputy David March with a 9mm semiautomatic pistol. March had stopped Garcia near Live Oak Avenue and Peck Road in Irwindate. Garcia subsequently fled to Mexico, where years of extradition efforts were finally successful when he was turned over to the U.S. Marshals in January.

Pomona Superior Court Judge Charles Horan handed down the maximum possible sentence: life in prison without the possibility of parole.

“Obviously, I’m quite relieved…It (the legal process) was just a circus,” said Terri March in an interview with Diane Thompson and Jim Thornton on KNX 1070. “It was very emotional and very frustrating. It was painful and just cruel. Today, there was some justice knowing this guy is going to pay (with) the rest of his days in jail.”

Thankfully David’s family doesn’t have to go through the trial now and this guy will spend the rest of his life behind bars.  I wish that he could have been put to death but that is not to be.  Understandably David’s Mother is upset but places the blame on the wrong people:

Garcia’s status as a Mexican national lead the victim’s mother, Barb March, to lay blame upon the U.S. Government, presumably for their role as primary enforcers of border security. “The real people who were accountable for this crime,” said Barb March, “live in the White House. And I’m really sorry to say that.

Listen, this immigration has been going on a LONG time before Bush took office.  Do I agree with his stance on illegal’s, hell no.  But the person accountable for this crime is the man sentenced this day.  I could blame the repeat offenders I arrest all day long on the fact that our criminal justice system blows, but I wont call it accountable for the crimes they do.  They play a part in it, as this Administration and Government does with our immigration problems, but the person accountable for the crimes they commit is the human being who pulled the trigger, or broke into a house, or raped a women.  Placing the blame in the wrong place doesn’t help anything.

Here is a look at David from my posts a few years back:

Hopefully Jorge Arroyo Garcia will meet his maker soon enough.

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