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Would anyone really be surprised to learn that Glenn Greenwald is a hypocrite?  If so, please take a seat….just in case you get a case of the vapors. 

Via Patterico’s Pontifications we find that the raging lefty is indeed, a hypocrite: (writing about the disgusting comments left on HuffPo re: the attempt on Cheney’s life)

Glenn Greenwald is irate that conservative bloggers dared to take notice. Greenwald (also known as Thomas Ellers and Rick Ellensburg, among others) complains bitterly that conservative bloggers

went digging deep into the comment sections of various liberal blogs, found inappropriate and hateful comments, and then began insisting that these isolated comments proved something.

To the contrary, Greenwald insists, anonymous comments by hateful leftists prove nothing about the left generally. Nothing!

[…]These comments are staggeringly hypocritical, viewed in the light of Greenwald’s extensive history of spotlighting anonymous comments at conservative blogs to reach broad-brush conclusions about the entire conservative movement. Greenwald is a prime practitioner of this “transparently flimsy and misleading method” of tarring the other side. And, in marked contrast to Greenwald’s tender concern today for whether ugly leftist comments “are representative of the blog itself,” Greenwald is famous in conservative circles for highlighting extreme comments on conservative blogs — comments that in no way represent the views of the posts to which they are responding, or of the bloggers generally.

Jeff Goldstein is grinning:

You knew it was coming.  But so as not to disappoint, here is Glenn Greenwald(s)—the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT POLITICAL VOICE(S) IN THE COUNTRY, AND ONE SEVERAL OF THE ONLY TRUE CONSERVATIVE LIBERTARIANS LEFT IN THIS WRETCHED FASCIST SHELL OF A ONCE-GREAT DEMOCRACY—lecturing the wingnuts on the dangers of cherrypicking comments.


Let that sink in a bit.

Mmmmm.  Irony so sweet and thick that, were we to sprinkle it with shaved nuts and have a Greek handle it, would make for a fine baklava.

I have documented many many times the infantile, idiotic, and well…loony comments left at DummiesU.  Hell, I just did one a few days ago here.  But this hateful display on the Huffington Post just nails the over the top lunacy that we call the left.  HuffPo decided to purge all the comments but Hot Air has a copy in PDF format that will show the sick twisted dementia that has run amok inside the leftist camp.

But the fact that Greenwald is now trying to say that WE shouldn’t take comments by lefties as being indicative of the entire leftist movement is well….hilarious. 

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