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So one of the big stories of the day was that Carl Levin said we, meaning the US, should be preparing to attack Syria.

One word for you – Baloney.

This is the same man who said only three months ago that a withdrawal from Iraq should start as early as April.  But now we are supposed to believe he wants to attack Syria?  Come on. 

SEN CARL LEVIN (D-MI): “Now, in terms of the weapons coming in from Syria, those weapons that you’ve described as coming in from Syria and perhaps other Sunni neighbors are killing our troops. Do we have a plan to address the Syrian weapon source — of killings of our troops?”

JOHN MCCONNELL, Director of National Intelligence: “Sir, I know the military is working that border area to close it down from not only weapons but also jihadists coming in –”

LEVIN: “It’s more than just — we’re trying to close down the Iranian border area too. The problem is that these weapons are coming from a state which is — doesn’t recognize Israel either, just like Iran doesn’t. We’ve got to try to stop weapons coming into Iraq from any source that are killing our troops. I agree with the comments about trying to stop them coming in from Iran, I think we have to try stop them that are going to the Sunni insurgents as well as to the Shia. I was just wondering, does the military have a plan to, if necessary, to go into Syria to go to the source of any weapons coming from Syria? That are going to Sunni insurgents? That are killing our troops? … I think we ought to take action on all fronts including Syria and any other source of weapons coming in, obviously Iran is the focus – but it shouldn’t be the sole focus.” (Armed Services Committee, U.S. Senate, Hearing, 02/27/07)

Ok big guy, now all of a sudden you want to grow some gonads and go after those who harm our troops and our country?

No, that hasn’t happened.  What HAS happened is that the Halliburton Mind Control Phaser got a lucky shot at his worthless noggin and put some sense into it for a few seconds.


Ok, then I think we need to look at his last sentence, "I think we should take some action".  You could surmise that he means the usual Democratic fare…meaning talk talk talk talk and talk some more which is much more likely in my opinion.

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