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The Gathering of Eagles is picking up steam!

It’s picking up enough steam that added expenses have started to come in and they need some help:

We are now looking at TENS OF THOUSANDS of Americans who will not only be guarding The Wall, but showing Jane Fonda and Cindy Sheehan that they will not control Washington, D.C. on March 17th.

The response to the announcement of our counter-protest has been nothing short of phenomenal. If you don’t believe us, just scroll through the website and look at “State Info” and “Volunteer Info” (under “Sections” on the right side of the homepage) and “Logistics” under “Article Topics,” which is just below “Sections.”  In just two short weeks, we’ve had almost 105,000 hits to the website, with an outpouring of volunteers and help from all sides.

What you don’t see are the additional expenses that we’re incurring in making this thing happen. Just for starters, the National Park Service told us that we should plan on having one porta-potty for each 300 Eagles! While we think that’s a little excessive, it is clear that we will be spending several thousand dollars to furnish enough for our use. We also have to provide medical emergency services and insurance, which will cost thousands more.

And that isn’t all. Since so many Eagles are coming, we are forced to do a bit more than provide “milling-around space.” Now we are going to have a full-fledged rally, with platform, sound system, and decorations. That will run several thousand dollars more.

We can tell you that we need around $50,000.00 to pull this one off properly. We can also tell you that folks are already sending unsolicited gifts, and we now have over $3,000.00 in the bank. That’s a great start, and we thank those who have already contributed.

The GOE co-chairs have loaned the Gathering $10,000.00. Please don’t make us “eat” that investment!

Should we have funds left over post-Gathering, we will donate them to charitable organizations, especially those that benefit vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Please go to their website and donate a few bucks.  It’s for a great cause, protecting the Wall from the leftist nimrods showing up on March 17th to protest whatever the hell they protest.

Age of Hooper has the video up of the press announcement for the Gathering of Eagles here.

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