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The Democrats take great offense in being labeled "unpatriotic"; "defeatists"; "defeatocrats".  (a reader of mine, airforcewife, however has a different take:  "They glory in it.  It makes them victims.  It makes it seem like they are fighting AGAINST something.  It gives them artificial moral authority.")  But they’ve been working damn hard to earn those titles. They truly deserve overtime pay.

It is absolutely maddening to me that House Democrats can posture and think there will be no consequences to their "non-binding" resolution. It may be symbolic, but symbolism has its repercussions.

 There is no question, that our enemies are paying attention to politics back in Washington. Whether it be our enemies plotting in Tehran or our enemies wrecking havoc in Iraq. The politicians here at home do much damage in not showing a united front and a strong will to succeed, with the execution of Bush’s last ditch plan.

 If the New Way Forward is likely to fail as an exercise in futililty, do you know how we can make it a sure-fire guarantee of failure? By not getting behind it. By actively sabotaging it. By showing our enemy that all they need to do is outlast us, and we will just give up.

Why give David Petraeus a unanimous vote to be promoted commander of our forces in Iraq, knowing full well his counter-insurgency strategy which includes the troop surge…and then turn right around and give him a "symbolic" vote of "no-confidence"? What does that message say to our troops? What signal does it send to our enemies abroad? And what sign does that spell out to the American people?

Apparently, politics no longer stops at the water’s edge. And our lives are all endangered as our enemies become emboldened. Which American political party do you suppose the terrorists and their state-sponsors are rooting for? The party that wants to hunt and kill terrorists, or the one that wants to appease, pacify, and apologize?

What a colossal waste of time and tax-payer money, and how damaging to our national security and to Iraq’s.

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