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Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom answered the lefties who constantly bring up this argument:  "If we’re in Iraq to bring down a tyrant then why don’t we get rid of X, Y, and Z too?"

His answer was so good I just had to highlight it here:

Gee, Timmy. What an original paradox!  Why, here it is, a half-decade on after the Iraq operation began, and I haven’t yet even once come across that!

I confess, it stumps me!  I mean, how can we possibly presume to liberate one country if we aren’t going to simultaneously—through force of arms—liberate them all?  While curing AIDS in Africa!

Seriously. I’m dumbfounded.  Caught in a logical dilemma from which there is no escape!

…Oh, wait, how about this:  we argue that the nexus of our interests in fighting global terrorism combined with a resolution for regime change already on the books (passed during the Clinton years) against a dictator who was hostile to international resolutions and who was a prime candidate to supply terrorists with weapons and money—all in the wake of a couple of giant towers crumbling to the ground in NYC and an Anthrax scare—made the gamble worth it, given that the status quo was not holding (remember all the children dying because of our sanctions?  Remember the Duelfer Report saying Iraq was poised, under a lifting of sanctions, to renew its weapons program?), and that, in addition to keeping al Qaeda occupied in fighting democracy in the heart of the Arab world, any success could provide both the template and the impetus for a sea change in the greater middle east.

Admittedly I haven’t given it much thought—your brilliant rhetorical sally has left me wheeling—but for now, go ahead and chew that over.

Jeff is pretty good at that huh?

The ever ready one-liners that lefties throw out time and again can wear on anyone.  They hear it at their favorite nimrod site and from then on they spout it as if it is gospel.  I mean think about the above example.  The lefties are basically saying that since we cannot rid the WHOLE world of ALL the tyrants all at once then we should not even try at all.  Get that?

Makes about as much sense as global warming.

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